The Day Before Hearts and Flowers!!

Snow, Snow , Snow!

Earlier It was flakes the size of half dollars but they are a little smaller now. It hasn’t let up at all.  I got out and dragged the trash cart to the road.  It is between 3 1/2 and 4 inches deep which means dragged is not the lest bit untrue.

The wheels on the cart are useless at this depth.

We had planned to have Chris come over to  clear the driveway and walks but that has  cancelled.  ( Yes I know it is Winter but we could use a little bit of a break here.)

I have picked up my novel The Forbidden Door by Dean Koontz and started reading it again.  I know the next sequel isn’t until May but I ran out of things to read.

This is the view off the back porch this morning.

You can see where I had dragged the trash cart out to the road.

Cindy has taken my truck to work today.  (Good old four wheel drive).  I plan on reading,  doing Fill It In puzzles, and getting the laundry caught up.  ( I sure ain’t going nowhere).

Lily and Onyx are back on my bed again. ( It is warm in there),

As you can tell by the date this happens a lot!]

Well it is time to check the washing to see if the next load should go in.

So stay safe and warm.