I put away The Forbidden Door and started The  Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena .  I finished that yesterday.  It was one of those WOW when I closed it.  I’m now back to Dean Koontz’s The Forbidden Door.  I’m on page 178 so that should hold me until the next  book comes in.

I also received the large print March Reader’s Digest magazine yesterday and have started reading that.


Still lots of snow. The streets are icy and the only reason the sidewalk is  semi clear is because there is salt on  it.  

Yah!!! the garbage truck just came through and picked up our trash.  Now I have to pull on  my boots and go haul the cart back into the yard.  ( I’ll be right back.)  Ok got the trash cart back in the yard.  Then pulled the first load of laundry out of the dryer and put it on my bed to fold and put away.  The second load of laundry just went into the dryer! This is how my days usually go.   One project at a time–one step forward.]

Well my friend I guess it is time to do my exercises for the day so I can show Holly that I’m working on them.  Do be careful out there today.