What A Difference A Day Makes

Today the sun is shining brightly with a very gentle breeze.  This was not the case yesterday.  The wind was 26 mph with some gusts.  At 5:45 pm I rescued  the big goose’s hat from the front yard fence.  I then  placed the goose in a corner of the back porch to keep it from blowing away. I also pick up a canvas chair that had blown into the front yard and tucked it in a corner of the back porch.  Walking was a challenge because the  snow had a thin cover of ice over it and it was snowing lightly.

Today the sidewalks are clear and I will walk out and get the mail.  Got the mail after my session with Holly.  Holly introduced  a stretchy strip into the workout today.  So now I have something new to work on.  She also brought a medium size rubber ball.  She said she would bring some more toys next time.

We started the new decorations for this coming month.

The front window

This lights up.

The extras

The extras

This is on the cabinet.

The tree on the kitchen counter

Still have some more to do,

I fixed one of my fleece jackets today.  There was a spot on the sleeve.

I turned it into a heart

More ways than one to skin a cat as they say!

That is ii for now!