The House Is ‘Wearing Of The Green’

The Camel that asks “What Day Is This” I’m asking what holiday!

1st clue

The tree in the kitchen


A little extra for you

My bedroom door.


Right panel in front widow

Upper right panel

lower left panel front window

upper left panel front window

center front window

Have you guessed it yet?

I have more for later!

Tomorrow is get the nails done day.  Mine are so long I can’t accurately set the microwave.  I have sometimes opened the door to see my coffee bubbling all over the plate .  Messy Me!

Outside it is melting now.  You are starting to see the sidewalks and the street looks dry in the middle. It is 16 degrees, cloudy, with an 8 mph wind.  It isn’t go out and sit in the swing weather but it is better than it was.

Well I missed my breakfast so I guess lunch is cereal.

Have a great day and do something just for you!!