Good Morning!

Good morning!  I will be in and out all day today.  So far this morning I have been out and got the mail ( from today or yesterday -not sure).  It is 17 degrees with a wind of 7 mph.  It is supposed to reach 39 by 4 pm.  No snow so far in the forecast.  My mail has a  couple of bills to pay so I’ll write checks shotly.  While out I brought in the trash cart.

It was a little slippery crossing the road but I made it fine.  Stay with me today because my typing finger is all over the keyboard.  I’m almost finished with the Shari Lapena  novel An Unwanted Guest and am enjoying it greatly.  I will be getting more of her books.

I’m having a little pain in my right shoulder and into my neck but it could be from trying to shovel the other day. ( The old gray mare she ain’t what she used to be is so very true these days). But hey I’ll be 84 in another 20 days.

It is suppose to warm up now and I can hardly wait!!

I have check the zoo for food and found my birds need to be taken care (That is next).

You know I’m in a pretty good mood this morning,  My kitchen is cleaned up, the dishwasher is churning right a long, and I think I’ll make a small bowl of cereal.  Special K and yogurt that Onyx wants to help me with. Right now he is 4 inches from my bowl and watching me closely.    He just added a row of c’s  to the post.  Now he is finishing the milk in my bowl and eating the left over cereal.  (Hey who needs a dishwasher! )

Well it is feed my birds, write my checks, and get back to my book.   Have a great day.