1st Of March!

It is March 1st and the road is  still icy, the sun is shining, and I am thinking about trying to walk over and get the mail.  The zoo is fed, the dishwasher loaded/ started, the laundry is running.  I scrubbed the bathroom stool, made my bed, transferred the laundry,  made more coffee, ate my oatmeal, took my pills, checked the inbox, located and filled the stapler,  I’m getting good at figuring out where Cindy puts things.

A couple a more green things.

Cindy put this fellow on the fridge.

The goose and the dog are dressed and in the front window.

On the bath room door.

On Cindy’s door

It is hard to believe it is  March already.  It won’t be long until I can get out the pad and sit in the swing again.   I want to set up the bird feeder.  I miss watching them.

Still reading Candice Fox & James Patterson’s Fifty Fifty.  Haven’t decided if I can’t put it down or set it aside for later yet.  Ok so I got cabin fever!  Been getting some bothersome phone calls lately and am finding it hard to be civil!

Cindy has been extremely busy and I haven’t seen her or spoke to her  in over a week.  I miss her.

Well it is off to my room for a while.  Have a great day.