I’m Back Again.

Hey it is the 8th 0f March.  Still snow in the yard.  I haven’t checked the temperature  (don’t care to).  The sun is shining and that is all the matters.  I spent the late morning waiting for a person to come and evaluate my physical therapist work.  She called Cindy to say she can’t make it today.  ( maybe tomorrow)   Yep another hurry up and wait!  It seems I have a lot of those lately.

Yesterday  Cindy took me to get blood work done at the lab.  I’m sure I’ll hear about that soon.

After ward we went grocery shopping (oh boy fun and expensive time).  But it is some thing that has to be done.  I had Cindy smell a cantaloupe for me.  That used to be Jay’s job but she picked out a good one for me. I cut it up this morning and have been sneaking in the fridge for a piece .  She has a good nose!

A moment out to show Mrs. Doff”s gift again.

Got the nails done the other day

I had them shorten because I was having trouble getting the microwave set.   But I think I already told you that.   That is the trouble of waiting between post because you sound like an old lady repeating herself.   Please forgive! Come to think of it I am an old lady!!!!

Cindy called to say we are Chinese for supper.  ( I love it).

I have been working Alexa hard asking for spellings.  I have to say I love the convenience.  I told Cindy today that our corner looks like an office.

I finished 50 50 and started Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight.  (668 pages) which is quite a lot to be hauling around when we are in the truck,

Well Cindy will be home soon and then we eat!   After David wants to play dominos.  ( It has been I while since I played that).  But hey I’m game to be refreshed on these things!

Have a great weekend and do something just for you!