It Is 3-9

Outside late this morning doing some changing around.  The sun is shining,  the wind is not bitter so I started by changing the flags.

This went up on the back porch post.

Out front I hung this

The wind fought me a bit on this one.

On the porch door this went up.

Sorry a little off center.

I’m going to sneak a picture of the flowers we bought when our grocery shopping.

These are a have to for the kitchen.

Just something to make us smile and some times we need that.

Cindy had to work this morning but she should be in soon.

Yesterday as I said It was a hurry up and wait situation with the person who was checking on how Hilly was handling my exercise sessions.  Well I waited but the appointment was canceled.

Well it will soon be take down March decorations and put up Easter.

I looked in the mirror this morning and thought what to do with my hair.  Then I read that women were getting bush cuts.  Boy now that is a temping solution!  ( I got to think on that).

When I went out for the mail this morning it was another ‘we need your help’ request.  Sorry folks but  my family needs it also,  Those in the mail request don’t want my help just what little my money I try to use .  I’m  sorry to say that I know what to do with these requests.   I have my own personal shredder and it eats all those request up very neatly.

Well I think I’ll go mess around in my bedroom a while.  I’ll either read or rest.  Have a great day!