Almost 1/2 Way Though March!

Well it was into Dr. K’s. this morning.  She was pleased with the vitals.  I guess every thing is ticking right along.  She did however ordered another month of physical  therapy.  I asked for Holly again because she is a good pusher. It is all Get her done with her.  .  It seems that the streshing Is causing the stitch in my right side  to release.  The doctor said one more month should develop the needed muscle to separate the bone from the bone.  I certainly hope so.  The result on my blood was excellent.  I said you me I can keep it.  The girl on the phone laughed and said yes.

I sat on the swing for a short while this afternoon exercising my ankles and knees.  But when I went to get up it took a little bit to remember how I used to manage it.

Well I’m still working on Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight .  It is a large book and hard to lug around when I’m riding with Cindy.  But I’ll keep working on it.

Bless Lily’s heart some times she can’t get close enough.

She is up on the vanity and moving around as I try to make a note or read a passage.

I figure it will soon be time  to take the Christmas lights down, roll them up and but them in the shed.

If the weather holds I have to get out and walk a bit.  It is something I need to get back into the habit again.

Well I guess that is it for today take care!