I Ain’t Dead Yet!

Sorry it has been a week and I have no legit excuse.

Outside yesterday walking the yard.

Buds popping up every where

Right now you have to imagines lilacs

Soon the yellow blooms of the Forsythia

In front yard one of my favorites.

Grow Old With Me The Bast Is Yet To Be!  I have to believe this In order to go on.

Inside this little fellow sit on my vanity. A gift from a friend but also a helper.

It is overcast this morning and I haven’t checked the weather yet so I’ll be surprised later.

One moment out to wish my Niece  Ann Maria a very happy birthday!!!

I would love to get out and visit but I don’t do much of that.

Well it is find some breakfast before it is lunch.  So I’m out of here for now.  Have a great day!