The 23rd How Time Flies!

Good Morning.  Slept like the dead last night didn’t even have to get up to use the porcien throne,  This morning I started with loading the dishwasher, going to the garage and  bringing in cat litter because today I have started to hit the cat boxes.  I don’t know the temperature outside but my hands a still cold from being out there.  It is sun shiny so today Chris may come over and take the Christmas lights down.

THe new flag went up yesterday.

Yep all of the green stuff has been put in a box until next year and I’m just waiting for the Easter box to be brought in so I can work on putting it up.

This flag went up in front yesterday.

this went up on the front door yesterday

While I was out there I spotted theses.

This went up on the back porch door.

I found both the door decoration at the the Rite Aid.  Even drug stores have extra good things.

I have fed the zoo except for Libby.

Well the hands are warm now so it is back to the cats boxes.  Next will be make my bed.  Then take my pills and continue with my chores.

Do have a great day –I know I’m going to.