A few more thoughts

Good Afternoon.  A few more pictures to show you .

My Easter Nails

I figure the the white dots were fitting.

A bunny on the kitchen wall.

Also a wreath out there.

Left side of the kitchen window

right side of the kitchen window

I was just outside getting some more picture to show you later.

This is on the inside kitchen window

Along with this.

So enough for today.

Steppin’ Out With My Baby!

On Saturday night it could only be described like that old song Steppin With My Baby because that is what I did.

As you can see we had a blast

This was taken at The Pachyderm Pub in Burton.  It is is what might be called a gay bar.  This ( at 84 years old) was one of my few times in one.  Cindy introduced me to the girls at the door and they found me a seat with a back.  They then bought me a drink to welcome me.      The performers that night were working to benefit Paws for a Cause       ( dogs).  Every one was friendly but stayed very much with their own groups  One of the performers was an old friend of Cindy’s which was why we were  there.

Cindy’s old friend.


I really enjoyed the show.

Moving on we started decorating for Easter today.  The following is some of our work.

This is on the computer desk.

On the counter in the kitchen.

The Gath room mirror


The bathroom shelf.

The living room window.

There will be more later.  For now I’ll say Good Night!