Where We Are At.

Wow Have I got news for you.  First my visit to the doctor who is monitoring the semi blockage between my stomach and intestines.   Nothing has changed since last year.  That was very good news.

This is Erin’s new cage.

More room to get around in and he is a bit over whelmed I think.

This is the flag that out in front right now.

The bunny is still on the back porch.  Also I added this.

I dressed the goose as an Easter egg.

You Know how you start out to do one thing and ended up doing something else.  Well I went out front to get the trash cart and bring it back in when I noticed trash up and down the grass around the sidewalk and down on the side of the road.

The next thing I did was clean it all up and dump in the trash cart.

I didn’t set out to do it but I felt I needed to neaten it up.

Next it was check on the Lilac bushes on each side of the gate..  This is on the left side’

This on the right side.

Both are showing Spring growth.

I’m am waiting to see If there will be a new baby in the household.  We have a request in for a recuse Pekense for me.  I want a dog to walk with me.  She is 1 year and i month old.  Her name is Jessica.  If she and Libby get along she will come home with me.

Well I finished Lady Midnight and started Cassandra Clare’s Lord Of The Shadows.  I have read the first 100 pages and have been carrying it with me to my appointments.

So with my health, my possibly getting my dog, and my general  attitude I’m so happy I’m close to tears.  ( I don’t know if I deserve this or not but I’ll take it gladly.)

I know there is something else I’m supposed to write about but I’ll be back.

Have a good rest of the week ad do something to make you happy!