The 24th

Good afternoon.  Well Honey and I took our first walk today.  It was only 1/2 of a block but it  is a start.   For her it was a time to smell what the world outside her gate was like.  I well increase the distance a little at a time.  We also sat on the swing for a few minutes and she seemed to enjoy that also.  I’m going to have to have Chris come and mow because it is getting high enough for Honey to have to plow through it.

Just a short rest after our adventure.

As for me I’m surviving on things  I don’t have to chew.  It will a little less than a month before I will get get the impression for my lower denture.

Cindy and I have pretty well cleared away the decor for Easter but haven’t settled on what the  new theme will be.

On Easter Darlene and Micheal joined us for dinner.

Micheal and Darlene

With Micheal’s help it was Lasagna, and garlic bread. They also brought deviled eggs.

Our dessert was this cake.

It was a pleasant visit with Cindy, David, Darlene, and Micheal playing Rotten Apples While I rested afterward.  I just haven’t build up the stamina I need yet.

I’m  still working on Cassandra Clare’s Lord Of Shadows. About half way through it.

Outside is 58 degrees with a high of 60 was expected.

I think I’ll slip a little  nap now that no one else is up.  Have a great rest of the day.