Almost May!

Outside this morning.

In the front by the seeps.

The Forsythia on the right side of the house is starting to bloom.]

I do love the plants around the house coming alive.  Even the Bleeding Heart plants have leaves showing.

We do need the yard mowed because Honey is looking a snow plow getting around out there.

On the back porch the goose is now looking like a floppy eared rabbit.

Well the mouth is still sore and I have to remember that gumming is still necessary.  Oh well such is life.

Honey has an infection but I have medicine for her ( thanks to Cindy)  and started that today.  I sometimes think I’m too old for this kind of sh**.

It is 43  mostly sunny but with a wind to bring out the goosebumps.

Well I have some reading t do on Honey’s medication, plus pick up my prescriptions this afternoon.

The zoo all except for Libby has been fed this morning,  I have swept my bedroom because my sweet Honey found some cardboard to chew up.  I know Cindy said puppies chew but it is a pain keeping up with the clean up.   It is a good thing I love that dog or I would lock her in an empty room.

A Happy Birthday to my friend Edna and may she have many more.

I hope you you have a great weekend and to all the Mothers out there a big hug  for us!!!