Busy Sunday

My day stated at 7am with the stripping of my bedroom. My dog has Giardia a one celled parasitic species.  This called for stripping  everything, spraying the room and every thing in it with Lysol. and starting the rounds of washing.

The stripping

I have one load in the dryer, one in the washer. and bedding waiting to go in.  In the meantime I have cleaned Spirit’s cage, swept my bedroom, started the dishes, had the dog outside twice .  She is in her cage right now and I will be keeping her in it at night.  I have fed the zoo except Libby.   I gave Honey her medicine also.  ( I took mine too).

I have been outside with Honey but it is cold out there so we don’t stay long.  I have folded the laundry from last night and am going to make myself an egg for breakfast.

I pulled out the first load of laundry from the dryer to put away. The second load went in the dryer, then the blanket from my bed in the  washer.  I fried a stirred up egg in butter and gummed it down.  Yummy!  Hey it is coming together!  I debated cleaning the oven but decided I had enough pots boiling for today.

Now I’m signing off and I’ll try to bring this all together.  Have a good cay.