Middle Of The NIght

It is 1:27 am what the heck am I doing up.  Cindy and I am going out today to find some things to decorate the house with.

I have to tell you my dog was out in the yard yesterday with her leash on.  She was running back and forth with the leash trailing her. Suddenly she stopped, grabbed the handle of the leash, and took off running around the yard.  We later walked a block up Meadowlawn and visited with Mr. Murphy.  This was why I wanted a dog in the first place to make me get out and walk.  We did spend a little time in the swing together also.

I think I am up because I have lost two acquaintances  in the last month.  This does bother me greatly. I question my decisions the last few months also.

Yesterday I received two books to add to my collection. One was by V.C. Andrews House Of Secrets.  This was one of my favorite authors many years ago so I thought I pick up something recent by her.

I also bought  Cassandra Clare’s The Red Scrolls Of Magic (book one).  This should keep me busy once I finish what I’m reading now.

Well it is 2:05 am and I’m getting a slight chill so I think I’ll go climb back in my nice comfy bed for another few hours.  I’m looking forward to spending time with my daughter today ( she works so much).

Have a good day and I’ll visit later.