Busy Sunday

My day stated at 7am with the stripping of my bedroom. My dog has Giardia a one celled parasitic species.  This called for stripping  everything, spraying the room and every thing in it with Lysol. and starting the rounds of washing.

The stripping

I have one load in the dryer, one in the washer. and bedding waiting to go in.  In the meantime I have cleaned Spirit’s cage, swept my bedroom, started the dishes, had the dog outside twice .  She is in her cage right now and I will be keeping her in it at night.  I have fed the zoo except Libby.   I gave Honey her medicine also.  ( I took mine too).

I have been outside with Honey but it is cold out there so we don’t stay long.  I have folded the laundry from last night and am going to make myself an egg for breakfast.

I pulled out the first load of laundry from the dryer to put away. The second load went in the dryer, then the blanket from my bed in the  washer.  I fried a stirred up egg in butter and gummed it down.  Yummy!  Hey it is coming together!  I debated cleaning the oven but decided I had enough pots boiling for today.

Now I’m signing off and I’ll try to bring this all together.  Have a good cay.


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3 thoughts on “Busy Sunday

  1. Had to look up that ailment. Good that you learned early and able to give medicine.

  2. I had a scrambled egg the morning after my wisdom teeth were removed. Even being hospital food, it tasted so good. Yep, my teeth were impacted and infected, so admission overnight.

  3. You have been busy by this report!

    Have just learnt by e mail from son that my Grand daughter is courting so wait to learn more as time goes by! Nrly 25.

    Marion UK

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