Dog And Codger

Honey thought her dog needed a drink of water.

My Honey sometimes makes me wonder about how smart she is.

She really cleans up pretty doesn’t she. 

She visits with the little brown dog next door.

Since she learned she can slip out under the gate her roaming days are over.

Cindy has bought some plastic coated wire to hang to hang up so Honey will be able to run the yard.

I visited my new doctor today as a follow up from my hospital stay.  She seems very nice. She said I was doing quite well.

Tomorrow David is driving me to Hilltop Dental for a fitting of my lower denture. What a great thought –soon no more gumming  every thing soon.

The bridge of my nose is finally starting to heal after my fall.  I will be starting physical therapy to improve my balance.

Life can get very complicated real quick can’t it.

I really hope life is going well for you.




Memorial Day

Tomorrow is  Memorial Day.  In past life it meant I didn’t work or did that day depending on how many people with more time on the job wanted off.  Now that doesn’t matter any more.  Memorial Day is a reminder of those who gave their lives to keep us free.  It is also a time to remember those who are no longer with us.  A little feeling of tears shed internally for loved ones that have past on.

As I sit here I remember the father of my children who past almost 46 years ago.  I also remember the man who took over the job of helping raise those children. My youngest was 2 years old when I married Jay.  He stepped in and helped raise my 3 children.  But he has past also.

So memorial Day means many things to me.  Not just a holiday but a reminder of the people in my life that made me whole.

I have people that have been my friends for over 50 years.  I have lost my brothers and am the only one left in that generation.  I have 3 children who are still a part of my life for which I am thankful.

So take time to remember,  to count your blessing, and tell those who are important to you how much they mean to you.


The Truth Be Told

After a busy morning preparing for Bunco Saturday night, cleaning cat boxes, feeding the zoo, and other morning chores I decided to take Honey for a walk.  We walked a block and on the way I fell.  I like to say I kissed the sidewalk but actually I was preparing to step down in the street across from the house and down I went face first.  A man in a truck stopped and help me stand.  The was blood all over but all I could think of was where was Honey my dog.

This was my face when the man from a truck picked me up.

A ll could say was where was Honey.  He assured me she was in the yard .  She had crossed the street, slipped in under the gate and was waiting for me.  A neighbor from the corner came down and walked me across the street into my yard and the man who had picked up then left. I walked into the house, woked David and started wiping the blood.  David wanted to take me to the doctor but I had him try to reach Cindy by phone.  She was in a meeting and been told to turn her phone off.  So I sat and dabbed my face.  David stayed right by me and tried to reach Cindy again.  I don’t know if he finally got her or if she called in then came home.

After looking me over she decided we would go the the hospital so we did.  To make a long story short I was finally admitted. This started with a round of tests which determined my butt was staying over for observation. (they were afraid I may have suffered a stoke or something.)

I was finally released yesterday afternoon when it was decided I have a great heart and the damaged was a fractured bone in my nose.  So here I sit this morning after a good night’s sleep, after a shower last night, and Cindy having put Neosporin on my abrasions  last night and this morning before she left for work, shaking her finger at me saying do nothing but rest.  I will probably sit in my room and read because to me that is resting.

Today I look like Bozo the clown or having been street mugged..


How much reading I’ll do depends on if I need my glasses or not .  But as they say I will cross that bridge( a pun son) when I come to it!

Have a great day and step carefully and lightly not like me.




Mother’s Day

A happy Mother’s Day to all. Your children may be human, have feathers, scales or fur it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that counts is that to you they are your children.

Cindy and David took me to see Pom on the 10th.  It starred Diane Keaton and was very good movie.  If you haven’t seen it yet try to go because you will like it.

My Mother’s Day was celebrated yesterday.

This was my cake and it was wonderful.,

My daughter-in-law Anne

My son Les

My daughter Cindy and David had dinner with me.

Cindy made the dinner and it was very tasty.  That was my Mother’s Day gift.

Anne and Les brought me this.

A bird house with flowers  and plants.

Right now it is on top of one of the book shelves so the animals won’t try to eat it.  As soon as it is warm enough it will go outside in one of the gardens.

In another 16 days I will see my DDS for an impression of my lower gum.  It has been quite an adventure finding things I could eat.  Chew no– gum yes.  But a denture is in my future.  As I said before the object was to remove any infection that the teeth might cause and protect my health.

Another adventure was to see my Ear doctor because one of my hearing aids was damaged.  I now have monthly payments to pay off  $2200.  By golly I will be more careful about how I treat  the things I need to enjoy life.  I must say getting old can be I bi### but it beats the other alternative all to he##.

Honey went in for a bath, nails trimmed , and to smell pretty the other day.

She can be a real pain sometimes but you can’t help but love her.

I guess that is it for now.  Do the things you love to do.  Go where you want to go. and tell those who are important to you that you love them.


Inside & Out

When my tv acted up two days ago a lot of eyes were trying to fix it.

Every one wanted to help.

I received my statement for Honey today so now I can start paying that off. It makes it a little easier planning the money when you know what you have to have.  Until you have the information you worry about the outcome.  Now I feel better.

Another 23 days of gumming every thing then the impressions will be taken. Soon I’ll be I’ll be talking funny but enjoying more substantial  meals,  Right now graham crackers softened with abit of coffee is heaven.

Cindy worked on decorating the bathroom yesterday.

The bathroom shelf

What is on the mirror.

First of several

Number 2

number 3

the center of the mirror

More mirror

Cindy did a beautiful job on this..

The lights on the back porch.

The nest is above the back porch light.

That is why we have those lights in the picture above this.   Cindy said we didn’t want to fry the baby birds.

It is 69 degrees outside with a light wind and light rain.

I have some paper work to catch up on so I’ll close for now.  Have a great day.


Day 4 of May

Deep grass is gone.

Chris was in today and mowed.

Honey couldn’t get over not have to jump up to get around.

The yard looks great

back yard right side

the side towards the front.

Every thing is trimmed and lovely,  Thank you Chris and helper.

Cindy has decorated the inside yesterday so I’ll get pictures of that next.

Think I’m supposed to go someplace so I’ll close for now.



The Latest

Nails today

Mahogany my most favorite color.

Outside today

Tulips still blooming near the living room window.

Checking the other garden in front  it is this.

Bleeding heart picture 1.

picture 2

Swept the bedroom today picking up all Honey’s toys.  Took her outside for a bit and now she is back in trying to mess up the room again.

I got a birthday card in the mailbox for Jasmine but sorry it is 1 day late already.

Still gumming my food but not starving to death.  Have that dds appointment soon.

Have a great day .  I’ll visit later!