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When my tv acted up two days ago a lot of eyes were trying to fix it.

Every one wanted to help.

I received my statement for Honey today so now I can start paying that off. It makes it a little easier planning the money when you know what you have to have.  Until you have the information you worry about the outcome.  Now I feel better.

Another 23 days of gumming every thing then the impressions will be taken. Soon I’ll be I’ll be talking funny but enjoying more substantial  meals,  Right now graham crackers softened with abit of coffee is heaven.

Cindy worked on decorating the bathroom yesterday.

The bathroom shelf

What is on the mirror.

First of several

Number 2

number 3

the center of the mirror

More mirror

Cindy did a beautiful job on this..

The lights on the back porch.

The nest is above the back porch light.

That is why we have those lights in the picture above this.   Cindy said we didn’t want to fry the baby birds.

It is 69 degrees outside with a light wind and light rain.

I have some paper work to catch up on so I’ll close for now.  Have a great day.


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2 thoughts on “Inside & Out

  1. Exactly. Momma birds cone every year and if they feel its a safe place to have their babies it’s our pleasure to have them.

  2. Your house is a happy one what with all the decorations!

    Waiting to watch TV awards this evening on television soon. Marion UK

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