I’m Still Here

8 days have past since we last visited.  I have spent a lot of it fighting my lower denture.  I still have problems with it.  But I’m not giving up.  I have finished reading Jeffery Deaver’s The Never Game.   There were several twists and turns but it kept me picking it back up.

I am reading Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu’s The Red Scrolls Of Magic now.  It is a little confusing  but I will get through it.

Honey is still In her plastic collar but it will come off on the 16th.  She is going to be one happy camper then.   She has been fighting it and has had no freedom yet.  Getting out the door is a problem when she is in a hurry.

I took a picture of the purple colored flowers out front but I haven’t got them transferred to the computer yet.  I’ll try to do that next.

I’m a little under the weather but when you are an old broad you have days like this.

The weather is lovely and it is hard to sit inside.  I’m going to take Honey out now to run a little after I grab some thing for a headache.  Have a good couple of days and do something you like.

We will  visit again.


It Is The 5th

Well I finished Dean Koontz’s The Night Window.  Very interesting, fast moving, and gives you lots to think about.  ( It is a Jane Hawk novel). I will now move on to Jeffrey Deaver’s The Never Game. 

Honey is putting up with her neck collar but she doesnt know she has been 4 days with 10 more to go. She is getting around fine with it.

Cindy and I will have Chinese for supper tonight.  She will go pick it up.


It Is Day 3

Tomorrow is the 4th and Les and Anne are taking me to the movies.

Honey is crying right now.  She was just outside, having to come back in and contend with the cone on her head is upsetting her.  I held her for a few minutes then covered her cage completely.  So far she is quiet.  I hope she will settle down for the night.  This is a nerve racking thing when an animal has surgery and you are not sure how to handle it.

I have the house turned down and will soon hit the tick!.

I hope it is quiet  where you right now it is here.  Enjoy your holiday.

It Is 2 Of July!

It has been a busy day so far.  Honey is at the vet’s getting spayed.  I  will pick her up around 4:30 or 5:00pm.  The following is picture of the outside flowers.

the front garden

I am having a Bi*** of a time trying to do this post.  Too much going on and I feel like I’m not in control.  It will be better in a few hours but right now I’m up in the air.

Our front yard ground flag,

Cindy couldn’t resist it and I had to agree!

The Butterfly Bush is coming along famously.

The Butterfly Bush in the left hand corner of  the front yard is  doing very well.

The one we had bought ( as I told you) went to Amanda.]

Today is partly sunny, 90 degrees, and a wind of 4 mph.  It had a small sprinkle earlier but cleared right away.  I think I’ll sit outside for a while and read.  I’m still reading Dean Koontz’s The Night Window.

Have a great day!