Good evening!  Well lets see what is going on.  Wes and I went to an Afternoon Garden Party yesterday.  It was at Greg’s home.  A lovely place with different  levels, flowers,  a koi pond, a screen in room on a lower level with seating, a beautiful wall that has flowers growing on it.  It looks out on a forest type setting.  The food was wonderful  The carrot dish was great  but I can’t remember the name.

Well I have been doing Fill It In puzzles and reading,   I just finished Shari Lapena Someone We Know.  Many twist in it but I really enjoyed it.  I am starting Ruth Ware’s Turn Of The Key.  I do have a couple of more to read also.

Chris moved my swing to my new home  from here bless his heart.

But I have only been it twice since the move,  I’m going to spend more time in it as soon as I get things in my bedroom set up.

Both Honey and Spirit are getting used to my new “digs”.  In fact Honey is spending more time outside running up and down off the front porch ( with a long leash to prevent her from running into the street.

I’ll try to get a picture of the house next time.  It is about 160 years and a real adventure to live in.  I remember when Wes and Debra looked at it.  But I never thought I would eventually live here.  It is right in town, in Lake Orion, Michigan.  Walking distance to main street and just a little bit to  Krogers, Walgreens, Ace, and a few other stores.

ell I have the main bedroom light on nd Honey i getting restless so I’m out of here for now.  Have agod one.