Who Is At MY Door?

Hey August Is about gone and Fall is knocking at the door.

Soon the plants outside will have to come in before cold weather arrives.

This will call for some rearranging in the front room.   Now I realize I have September to get through but at my age it seems time passes so fast that I can hardly catch my breath.  You know when you are young you think days are so slow.  But when you get up in age all you want to do is dig them heels in as deep as they will go and look for something to grab onto to slow every thing down.

To get ready  to go some place now means brush the teeth.(They come out and have to have something to hold them in–at least the bottom ones) Don’t forget the hearing aids or everyone will have to shout at you.  Oh and your glasses in case you have to read something in small print.  You need a purse the size  of an overnight case to carry it all and your not even going to  be over night.

And memory is another sore spot.  You write everything down then forget where you put it.  Then when some one calls to say they are on their way to pick you– you are not ready because you didn’t know you were going any where.  I sometimes wonder if I want to get any older. Yet I can’t say I’m unhappy because the sunshine on my face makes me smile, the flowers blooming every where, even the black cat that joins me in the bathroom every morning for his pet and scratch time makes me know I’m needed.

So enough of this I’m fine shit because I am fine and I’ll be da*** if I going to give up!!!!

Have a great holiday weekend!




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2 thoughts on “Who Is At MY Door?

  1. Pleased to hear from you been wondering where you were. Yes we all suffer this too now what you told.

    Great neice learning to be air stewardess and is flying her second flight today to California. She enjoyed her first trip over and back week ago. She is early 20s.
    The other girls were great apparently.

    Autumn here now time I like. Marion UK

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