What To Do!

Things aren’t going well.  Health, every thing is good but mentally I have placed my self in a situation that is making me feel some what helpless.  I know I should only worry about my pets and me. But when it hits you in the face it is hard to ignore.I’m going to have to think this through and decide if I move on or not.

Hey I Don’t Bounce Anymore!

Yesterday I spent part of the day at the Beaumont Troy hospital.  I had spent since last Saturday with pain in my chest area.  I had fallen on that day and hit the floor face down.  I called Cindy to take me in for x-rays.  After several tests including blood tests it was decided that I have bruised ribs.  I was sent home with instructions to use an Ice pack for 20 mins. every few hours and take Aleve for pain.  Yesterday deep breaths were very painful but today the pain has subsided.  I’m just taking it easy because I was told Bruised ribs take a long time to heal.  I do have a couple of books to read and a Fill It In book to work in.

I have taken the time to clear a problem, by phone, with the Credit Union, do some paper filing, and  to visit  you.  I have a couple of pictures i want to take outside but with no sunshine that will have to wait. Right now I’m sitting in my light jacket because I’m having trouble keeping warm.  All I can say is sh** happens so you roll with the punches!  Otherwise I’m all Right!!

It Is September

For years the Date of September 6 has always had two meaning.  First was it was usually first day of school for the year.  But for me, and more importantly it was my daddy’s birthday.  Now he has been gone a long time but the day still brings him back in  my mind.  The way when I had a problem I only had to sit, talk it out, and he didn’t have to say a word because I found the answer myself.  I tried to be like him with my kids but I just didn’t have the knack to pull it off. Well now I’m in my 80s but I still don’t have the magic.  I guess I’m not granted with the gift.

Well I finished Ruth Ware’s The Turn Of The Key and it is well worth the time to read it.  Now I’m reading David Baldacci’s The Whole Truth.  I’m on chapter 14 but am not into it yet.  But I’ll keep reading and maybe it will catch me.  I also bought James Patterson’s The Inn and I’ll start that next.

The flowers around the house are really blooming.

These are on the left side of the house]

These are on the right side.

There are also flowers out in back.

The weather has been chilly the last couple of days and I’m finding it hard to sit out.  I guess it is old age!!

Cindy took me to get my nails done yesterday.  The baby finger my left hand had the nail  break off  half way up.  The man was able to put  new one on.  I guess this is it for now.  Enjoy your days!