What Is New

Today is a can’t do it day.  I can’t tune in the TV ( I normally have no problem.)  My typing is for sh*t.  I don’t know what to do first! Do I work or play!

The good news there is a new railing on the front porch. No more dancing a jig to get up and down off it.   They will finish the back deck when it gets warmer.

No new snow is expected today.  Anne and Les are shopping for boots and slippers.  Honey is in the front window standing watch for strangers.  Spirit has been fed and is quiet in the bedroom corner.

I’m good, my left side isn’t bad as it was(it ls almost normal).  Now  I’m going to the dining room table and work in my Fill It In Book. Things are good here!!

I made Mom’s Chip Dip for Anne’s work yesterday and she said it was a big hit.

I’m looking to a visit from Cindy on Monday if the weather holds.  I haven’t seen her in a while.  (miss her)

I hope everyone is Ok and I’ll visit again.


Truth Be Told

A good camera can tell what it sees.  This is the truth about this 84 year old.

The smile is there but the vitality is hiding

The red around the eyes is now permanent even 10 hours sleep can not erase it.  I look at the picture and all I can think is I’m finally Old.  Getting better looking is out of the question. All I can say now is I’m glad I’m still on the right side of the grass.

Many things are not right.  Like my left side of my body is weaker than the right.   My hearing is almost gone because without my hearing aid I can hear the tone of a person’s voice but I can’t understand what they are saying.  I know it aggravates they as much as it does me.

My ability to recall what I used to know by heart is quickly fading.  This has to be difficult for others to repeat things, tell me information that I used to know.

Things as simple as changing the battery in my hearing aid is difficult because it is small and I can drop it when I try to put it in.  There are times when I want to give it up and crawl in a deep hole.   Then I see others younger than me struggling to survive and I think that there by the grace of God it is not me.

I am not unhappy or depressed but just concerned that what I can do is enough to warrant crawling out of bed and breathing the air or am I just a problem for my family to worry about.  But I love them dearly and I hope I’m worth all the shit they put up with.









Pictures As Promised

This is an example of all the trees around me right now.  Soon the leaves will fall and the color will be gone.  I going to enjoy them while they are here.

This was the scene on the deck this morning but it did all disappear except in the shade by afternoon.  As I said before this is a hint of what is to come soon.  It makes me glad my red puffy coat is hanging in the front closet.

I think I have everything of mine in my bedroom now so the 3rd bedroom is ready to be used.  You know I didn’t realize I had so much stuff.  (I still haven’t got my stuff out of storage. )  I think I’m going to have a give away soon.

Honey is doing fine except if anything moves out the front window her barking motor swings lnfo action.  Spirit is trying to talk a little also.

Well I have a little domestic goddess duties so I close for now.  Have a great day tomorrow I know I’m going to.





Double Wow

Up at 7 am, looked out the back door and it was white every where.  Yes my friend SNOW falling from the sky, covering every thing outside, and signaling what is yet to come.  I grabbed the camera, opened the back door and took a picture.  (I’ll post a picture later today.)  It is the 7th day of November and Fall’s Mother Nature seems to have gone into hiding.

Yesterday I moved all my stuff from the spare bedroom to prepare for my grand daughter’s arrival over Thanksgiving.  It will be great to see Courtney again.

Well it has stopped snowing, both Spirit and Honey are still sleeping.  So I think I’ll crawl back into my warm bed for a couple of hours more of shut eye.  talk to you later!!

Wow November.

Wow November already!  Soon the white stuff will fall and I will want to hibernate for sure.  Every thing is going well here.  As my fall heals I am able to do things around the house ro help out.  I am well looked after and comfortable.

Next week I will have a land line put in  to keep in touch a little better.  I am doing ok with just one hearing aid and have decided not replace the one.

Today is laundry day and Les is in charge of that.  My bed has been stripped and my laundry basket returned,  Soon It will be clean laundry, bed making, and putting the bedroom in order.

The leaves are falling but very lightly.

I don’t know what I’ll do today so i will go with the flow.

Have a good week end and do something for yourself today.