Momma will be away from her blog for awhile.

Hey folks, this is Momma’s son, Les. I’m putting up a quick post to let you folks know that she’ll be incommunicado for a bit as she has had a bit of a mishap while headed out to get KFC for dinner with my wife. Stepping down off the back porch she lost her footing and took a fall. Unfortunately, she broke her hip and was in the hospital for a few days where they did a partial hip replacement. Now she’s at a rehab center healing and working hard on regaining the ability to walk unaided. Here’s a pic from yesterday of her making the best of a shitty situation:

Yeah, she’s thrilled being there.

At this point it’s not clear how long she will be there, but it’ll probably be a few weeks. So I just wanted to put up a post letting folks know why she won’t be posting for awhile.

9 thoughts on “Momma will be away from her blog for awhile.

  1. Was hoping you’d update the blog – I began to be concerned when seeing the same blog post for many days. Cindy & I chatted so now I have her address & info. Thanks for the update.

  2. Hi there. Momma is back at home with Les. She is working had with the Physical therapist and Occupational therapist. Hopefully we all will hear from her soon.

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