What Now!

This is a rant (maybe).   A plea for attention (maybe).  I need to  speak my mind.  The news tells me there is a serious virus that is threatening to infect my posts and even my life..  What the he** is this!  If I go outside In public I should wear a mask to protect me from infections other may have. I am told that restrictions could  be in effect into the next year. If you are in your 80s which I am there are several signs to watch for in your everyday life. Now I am going to follow the rules but I’m sure as hell not going to like it.   What ever happened to the old rules—. When all you had to do is pay your taxes, take care of your loved ones, and be kind to others.

Don’t tell me what to do with my time, my money, and my life because lf I make a mistake it is my job to correct it.