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Now 84-years-old on February 22 and I'm still on the right side of the grass.. Mother of two sons and one daughter (Bloggers SEB and Cindyisms are two of them). I'm Grandmother of three. I have lived with my daughter for almost three years now and she hasn't kicked me out yet. I stay active with household chores,and feeding my zoo. (3 cats, 1 dog, and 2 birds.) Retired after 29 years+ at Michigan Bell Telephone and ten+ years with The Oakland Press. I was active with the telephone company union and a Dale Carnegie graduate. I work at crocheting, knitting, making ornaments, and other projects. I do a little canning. I trained with the Michigan Bell Clown troupe and then I was a clown doing parades, parties, and picnics for about 15 years. My other passions are music from the 50s through the 80s, reading, birds, flowers, my pets, big cats, and of course blogging!


I put away The Forbidden Door and started The  Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena .  I finished that yesterday.  It was one of those WOW when I closed it.  I’m now back to Dean Koontz’s The Forbidden Door.  I’m on page 178 so that should hold me until the next  book comes in.

I also received the large print March Reader’s Digest magazine yesterday and have started reading that.


Still lots of snow. The streets are icy and the only reason the sidewalk is  semi clear is because there is salt on  it.  

Yah!!! the garbage truck just came through and picked up our trash.  Now I have to pull on  my boots and go haul the cart back into the yard.  ( I’ll be right back.)  Ok got the trash cart back in the yard.  Then pulled the first load of laundry out of the dryer and put it on my bed to fold and put away.  The second load of laundry just went into the dryer! This is how my days usually go.   One project at a time–one step forward.]

Well my friend I guess it is time to do my exercises for the day so I can show Holly that I’m working on them.  Do be careful out there today.

The 16th.

Good Morning this is bunco night so the the fixings for the chip dip are on the kitchen counter waiting to be turned into yummy goodness.

I have an appointment with the physical therapist to work on my right arm between 2 and 4 pm today.

It is 23 degrees out right now with a high expected of 37 around 4 pm.  It is clear and icy right now.  Cindy bought 3 40 lbs. bags of salt yesterday that she and David  spread part of it  on the back inside walk.  ( An anti ass busting move that was needed).

Well I had better make the dip before Onyx tries to eat the fixings.  Be careful out there today.  Love yah!

The Day Before Hearts and Flowers!!

Snow, Snow , Snow!

Earlier It was flakes the size of half dollars but they are a little smaller now. It hasn’t let up at all.  I got out and dragged the trash cart to the road.  It is between 3 1/2 and 4 inches deep which means dragged is not the lest bit untrue.

The wheels on the cart are useless at this depth.

We had planned to have Chris come over to  clear the driveway and walks but that has  cancelled.  ( Yes I know it is Winter but we could use a little bit of a break here.)

I have picked up my novel The Forbidden Door by Dean Koontz and started reading it again.  I know the next sequel isn’t until May but I ran out of things to read.

This is the view off the back porch this morning.

You can see where I had dragged the trash cart out to the road.

Cindy has taken my truck to work today.  (Good old four wheel drive).  I plan on reading,  doing Fill It In puzzles, and getting the laundry caught up.  ( I sure ain’t going nowhere).

Lily and Onyx are back on my bed again. ( It is warm in there),

As you can tell by the date this happens a lot!]

Well it is time to check the washing to see if the next load should go in.

So stay safe and warm.


Yeah I’m Fine!

Yesterday I had a visit from the person who will schedule my physical therapy.  This is to help my right arm and shoulder.  I have to remember no heavy lifting on that arm.  Just something else to make the day more interesting.  But hey in 12 days I will be 84 and that is an accomplishment to be proud of.

I am still reading Shari Lapena’s A Stranger In The House.  It is hard to put down and I have to remember I have other duties that must be done.

I have this feeling right now that I have to rest and that is getting in the way of accomplishing things that I do.  Last night I woke up around 2 am  read for an hour or so, did a couple of Fill It  In puzzles then crawled back in bed.  As a result I slept until 11 am this morning.  Screwed my morning up royally. Now I have to get dressed and try to figure out my day.  Take care and do what you have to do.


Still Reading

I finished Black Orchid  last night and even though it was in a cartoon form it was great.  Neil Gaiman and Dave Mckean do an excellent job of telling a great story. While I was out getting my nails done yesterday  I read the Dec./Jan AARP magazine but I have to finish it now,  I also have the AARP bulletin for Jan./Feb. to finish.  It is easy to get behind in the reading when you are trying to accomplish other things at the same time. But I’m going to work on catching up because I have two novels coming in the next couple of days.  ( I was going to ask for them for my birthday but I decided to purchase them myself.)  My  ‘already read shelf’ is getting full so I’m going to have to clear it by packing away some of the books and putting them in storage.  I was going to ask if anyone wanted to read them but it seems my taste in reading material is not favored by my friends or family.

The weather has broke somewhat so I’m going to get out and walk.  I have found my sense of balance is off kilter and sitting on my butt ain’t going to cure it.

Well I have fed the cats but still have the birds to take care of.   I have the bed linens  changed and washing, I have  to get dressed, and grab a little breakfast.  So I’ll transfer the washing and get my butt in gear.

HAve a great day and do something you like to do.

Maybe Spring Will Come!

The 3rd of Feb, with the sun shining through the front window, the promise of a day in the 40s, and nothing pressing to be done.  So this is where I’m at today.  I have finished

The Shari Lapena novel and will purchase her other two books.

This was a murder mystery that kept you guessing all the way through with hints of who the guilty one was. It was worth the read.

I just started this Black Orchid 

Neil Gaiman’s novel in a cartoon form with Dave Mckean illustrating  it. 

This is a classic that I’m not sure if I read it before but I certainly will read it now.

This is the front yard now with spikes of grass poking through the snow but I’ll probably see more before this evening comes.  The road is wet but no ice except at the edge so that is good.

Cindy was up before me this morning and she had fed the zoo.  It is one of my duties so it kinda set me off kilter.  She has left for work so I won’t see her until later today.

Lily knows where it is warm

In on my bed.

Onyx wants to share with her.

Next he cane out to help me at the computer.

He loves to get up at the screen and try to catch any movement I make.

Well I think I’ll go to my room and read a while.  Enjoy your day.







Good Morning!

Good morning!  I will be in and out all day today.  So far this morning I have been out and got the mail ( from today or yesterday -not sure).  It is 17 degrees with a wind of 7 mph.  It is supposed to reach 39 by 4 pm.  No snow so far in the forecast.  My mail has a  couple of bills to pay so I’ll write checks shotly.  While out I brought in the trash cart.

It was a little slippery crossing the road but I made it fine.  Stay with me today because my typing finger is all over the keyboard.  I’m almost finished with the Shari Lapena  novel An Unwanted Guest and am enjoying it greatly.  I will be getting more of her books.

I’m having a little pain in my right shoulder and into my neck but it could be from trying to shovel the other day. ( The old gray mare she ain’t what she used to be is so very true these days). But hey I’ll be 84 in another 20 days.

It is suppose to warm up now and I can hardly wait!!

I have check the zoo for food and found my birds need to be taken care (That is next).

You know I’m in a pretty good mood this morning,  My kitchen is cleaned up, the dishwasher is churning right a long, and I think I’ll make a small bowl of cereal.  Special K and yogurt that Onyx wants to help me with. Right now he is 4 inches from my bowl and watching me closely.    He just added a row of c’s  to the post.  Now he is finishing the milk in my bowl and eating the left over cereal.  (Hey who needs a dishwasher! )

Well it is feed my birds, write my checks, and get back to my book.   Have a great day.


Baby it is cold outside.  It is 13 degrees with a 13 mph wind.  It is cloudy and will hit -4 & -5 with light snow after 11 pm until noon tomorrow.  Just stay inside if you can.  I know I ain’t going nowhere.

This is out the front window.

This is out the back door.

I feel like I should get the snow shovel going but the combination of the temperature and my age dictates that I keep my butt inside! ( I just feel I should help.)

Cindy is in class today and David just got home ( from the doctor’s I think).  The zoo is fed . I had a nice shower, my bed is made, and I had oatmeal for breakfast.  I just started the laundry.  Still have my pills to take.  They on the vanity so I don’t forget them. I should get something done outside to help.

So I did taking the shovel I went all the way to the gate.

All the way to the fence.

Today Time To Get Going!

27 degrees and the road is covered in ice.

There will be no mail getting today unless David goes out in the truck some place.  The garbage cart is still out there and I walked two bags out to it this morning. The laundry is in the dryer. dishwasher is being loaded so it will be ready to run later.  I cleaned Spirit’s cage earlier so she is all set now.  I’m still in my nightgown and robe so I’ll have to get dressed soon.

Lily is in on my bed because it is warm in my bedroom

I have checked the news so it is time to get my butt in gear!

Have a great day!