About Momma

Now 84-years-old on February 22 and I'm still on the right side of the grass.. Mother of two sons and one daughter (Bloggers SEB and Cindyisms are two of them). I'm Grandmother of three. I have lived with my daughter for almost three years now and she hasn't kicked me out yet. I stay active with household chores,and feeding my zoo. (3 cats, 1 dog, and 2 birds.) Retired after 29 years+ at Michigan Bell Telephone and ten+ years with The Oakland Press. I was active with the telephone company union and a Dale Carnegie graduate. I work at crocheting, knitting, making ornaments, and other projects. I do a little canning. I trained with the Michigan Bell Clown troupe and then I was a clown doing parades, parties, and picnics for about 15 years. My other passions are music from the 50s through the 80s, reading, birds, flowers, my pets, big cats, and of course blogging!

It Is Westland Now.

OK  I have moved again,  I am now living in Westland with Les (my youngest son) and my daughter-in-law Anne.  It didn’t work out between Wes and Honey.  I have a nice big room with my bedroom furniture, my computer, and am starting to locate where everything is, Spirit, my bird, is in the dining room, Honey’s cage is in the living room.  When I locate my camera I will try to get some pictures up.

I’m still having trouble with my left side from where I fell at Wes’ house.  The Doctor said I pulled cartilage from the rib area and chipped one of the ribs. It’s basically on the left side which means I have to lay on my right. The doctor says I’m just going to have to rest and take time to let it heal. Les, Anne, and Cindy  have been more than helpful getting me through  this problem.   I am charging my cell phone while Les and Anne are working in case I run into problem.  It has been quite a change of life but my family is making it a little easier.  Well I’m tired and yawning so I’m off to bed.  Have a good day tomorrow,


And Life Goes On!

Good Evening it is 10/2 and time for a visit.

I have been reading David Baldacci’s The Whole Truth.  I’m on page 200.  It goes to 451.  I will finish it but I can’t say I’m actually enjoying it.  

I have a Reader’s Digest (large  print) for Oct. to read.  Plus Stephen King’s The Institute, Joe Hill’s Full Throttle, and I mentioned before James Patterson’s The Inn.  So it looks like I have enough to keep me occupied for a while,

It is on the chilly side for these old bones of mine so I don’t expect to sit outside right now.

Honey came up with fleas the other day so it was have her treated today.  I don’t know if that is the end of it but I’ll soon know.  (Ain’t life just chuck full of surprises!)

I had a Fasting blood test today and I should hear about it on Monday when I see the I doctor.  It is just one of those 84 years old things!

Well It will soon be time to bring the plants inside so I have to get a baby gate to block off the front room so Honey doesn’t get in there and chew on the plants.

Guess it will be a new routine at adapt

Well my friend that is it for tonight.  Rest comfortably I know Iiil!!!!

What To Do!

Things aren’t going well.  Health, every thing is good but mentally I have placed my self in a situation that is making me feel some what helpless.  I know I should only worry about my pets and me. But when it hits you in the face it is hard to ignore.I’m going to have to think this through and decide if I move on or not.

Hey I Don’t Bounce Anymore!

Yesterday I spent part of the day at the Beaumont Troy hospital.  I had spent since last Saturday with pain in my chest area.  I had fallen on that day and hit the floor face down.  I called Cindy to take me in for x-rays.  After several tests including blood tests it was decided that I have bruised ribs.  I was sent home with instructions to use an Ice pack for 20 mins. every few hours and take Aleve for pain.  Yesterday deep breaths were very painful but today the pain has subsided.  I’m just taking it easy because I was told Bruised ribs take a long time to heal.  I do have a couple of books to read and a Fill It In book to work in.

I have taken the time to clear a problem, by phone, with the Credit Union, do some paper filing, and  to visit  you.  I have a couple of pictures i want to take outside but with no sunshine that will have to wait. Right now I’m sitting in my light jacket because I’m having trouble keeping warm.  All I can say is sh** happens so you roll with the punches!  Otherwise I’m all Right!!

It Is September

For years the Date of September 6 has always had two meaning.  First was it was usually first day of school for the year.  But for me, and more importantly it was my daddy’s birthday.  Now he has been gone a long time but the day still brings him back in  my mind.  The way when I had a problem I only had to sit, talk it out, and he didn’t have to say a word because I found the answer myself.  I tried to be like him with my kids but I just didn’t have the knack to pull it off. Well now I’m in my 80s but I still don’t have the magic.  I guess I’m not granted with the gift.

Well I finished Ruth Ware’s The Turn Of The Key and it is well worth the time to read it.  Now I’m reading David Baldacci’s The Whole Truth.  I’m on chapter 14 but am not into it yet.  But I’ll keep reading and maybe it will catch me.  I also bought James Patterson’s The Inn and I’ll start that next.

The flowers around the house are really blooming.

These are on the left side of the house]

These are on the right side.

There are also flowers out in back.

The weather has been chilly the last couple of days and I’m finding it hard to sit out.  I guess it is old age!!

Cindy took me to get my nails done yesterday.  The baby finger my left hand had the nail  break off  half way up.  The man was able to put  new one on.  I guess this is it for now.  Enjoy your days!






Who Is At MY Door?

Hey August Is about gone and Fall is knocking at the door.

Soon the plants outside will have to come in before cold weather arrives.

This will call for some rearranging in the front room.   Now I realize I have September to get through but at my age it seems time passes so fast that I can hardly catch my breath.  You know when you are young you think days are so slow.  But when you get up in age all you want to do is dig them heels in as deep as they will go and look for something to grab onto to slow every thing down.

To get ready  to go some place now means brush the teeth.(They come out and have to have something to hold them in–at least the bottom ones) Don’t forget the hearing aids or everyone will have to shout at you.  Oh and your glasses in case you have to read something in small print.  You need a purse the size  of an overnight case to carry it all and your not even going to  be over night.

And memory is another sore spot.  You write everything down then forget where you put it.  Then when some one calls to say they are on their way to pick you– you are not ready because you didn’t know you were going any where.  I sometimes wonder if I want to get any older. Yet I can’t say I’m unhappy because the sunshine on my face makes me smile, the flowers blooming every where, even the black cat that joins me in the bathroom every morning for his pet and scratch time makes me know I’m needed.

So enough of this I’m fine shit because I am fine and I’ll be da*** if I going to give up!!!!

Have a great holiday weekend!




Over 1/2 Way Though August!

Good evening Last night was bunco night I didn’t do anything great, didn’t win any money,  but at least I enjoyed myself.  I did however show off my new jewelry.  I got a lot of compliments on it.

Tonight I finished Sept. 2019 large print Reader’s Digest,  I got a birthday card I had sent to my grand daughter back so I have check with her dad and get her correct address,  Still working on my Fill It In puzzle book.

Not half way through the Ruth Ware book The Turn Of The Key but I’m working on it.

The white flowers on the porch are multiplying.

No time on the swing today because Wes and I went to check on what was in my storage unit. I paid for another month until we can figure where to put every thing.  How can an 84 year old have so much stuff?

My dog and bird are doing well and seem to be adjusting to our new home.

It is only 7:30 pm but it feels like 10.  I’m working on a slight headache so I don’t have a whole lot to say.  Otherwise every thing is fine.

Enjoy the rest of your week and do something just for you.











Another Delightful Day.

Have you ever had General Tso’s Chicken?  I did a few days ago and it was wonderful.  I had never heard of it until Wes made ii a few days back.  All I can say is my son sure can cook.  I sometimes wonder what he will serve next.  But rest assured it will be great and in addition will be prepared so if I can’t chew it comfortably he will work extra hard to make it so I can.

This Is one of Honey’s resting places on the front porch,

But we do have to make sure she doesn’t chew on th wood.  Wes got her  stick from the wagon out back for her to chew on.  She chases it down the steps then hauls it back up for another jump to chase it.

The weather is wonderful with a nice breeze moving the leaves on the trees.

Well I haven’t walk today but I’ll get back into it tomorrow,  Most of the afternoon was spent getting the checking account entered in correctly with Wes’ help.

Well I think I’ll go sit on the front porch and either read or do a few Fill It Ins.

Enjoy your after noon because I plan to.



Doing Good]

Good evening,  Today Honey and I walked four blocks.

We are trying yo get back in to our exercise mode again.

Of course I used the walker and Honey only got tangled up once.  I think this is going to work out good for us.

The white flowers on the porch are multiplying.

I received my Snap On jewelry today but my camera said it had to be charged so the pictures will have to wait this time.  But I’ll show them to you soon.

Health wise I’m doing ok.  I’m sleeping well and Wes is on me about what did I eat.  He also cooks our supper.  See I’m happy I had him cook when both husband and I worked many years ago.

Well as I said I had finished Patterson’s Unsolved am now reading Ruth Ware’s The Turn Of The Key  It  is good so far.

I  do water the plants and try to keep it neat by putting my stuff away when I’m not using it  but honestly there isn’t a whole lot to do.   I do Fill It In Puzzle books but I think I’m going to have to dig in my drawers and work on some of the crafts I have started.

Well it is almost 9 pm and Honey is in her cage so I’m going to have to turn some lights off.  So good night for now.  Take time to do something nice for yourself!







Home Sweet Home!

Good Afternoon!  As promised

This is the new home of Momma’s Corner in Lake Orion, Michigan.  As you can see many plants and trees surround it.  My room is inside the porch on the right.  It is more ample in size with room for my bedroom furniture plus what I need to take care of the Momma’s Corner equipment.  It also hold Spirit’s ( my bird’s Cage) and Honey’s cage  (at night she sleeps there).  It holds my bookcase, my living room chair, and a three drawer plastic stand by the bed for an assortment of stuff I haven’t had time to file correctly.  But I will get it under control soon.  Wes has been started hanging my pictures and sayings on the walls so it is more like my home every day.

The Main porch is filled with plants.

One of my jobs is to check them to see if they need water daily.  Every thing I need is on the main floor so the only stairs I have to climb are to the front porch.  (Rule One Wes has all ready stated that I can’t fall off the porch!)

Well thae is it for today but I will be back with more later!