Home Sweet Home!

Good Afternoon!  As promised

This is the new home of Momma’s Corner in Lake Orion, Michigan.  As you can see many plants and trees surround it.  My room is inside the porch on the right.  It is more ample in size with room for my bedroom furniture plus what I need to take care of the Momma’s Corner equipment.  It also hold Spirit’s ( my bird’s Cage) and Honey’s cage  (at night she sleeps there).  It holds my bookcase, my living room chair, and a three drawer plastic stand by the bed for an assortment of stuff I haven’t had time to file correctly.  But I will get it under control soon.  Wes has been started hanging my pictures and sayings on the walls so it is more like my home every day.

The Main porch is filled with plants.

One of my jobs is to check them to see if they need water daily.  Every thing I need is on the main floor so the only stairs I have to climb are to the front porch.  (Rule One Wes has all ready stated that I can’t fall off the porch!)

Well thae is it for today but I will be back with more later!















Good evening!  Well lets see what is going on.  Wes and I went to an Afternoon Garden Party yesterday.  It was at Greg’s home.  A lovely place with different  levels, flowers,  a koi pond, a screen in room on a lower level with seating, a beautiful wall that has flowers growing on it.  It looks out on a forest type setting.  The food was wonderful  The carrot dish was great  but I can’t remember the name.

Well I have been doing Fill It In puzzles and reading,   I just finished Shari Lapena Someone We Know.  Many twist in it but I really enjoyed it.  I am starting Ruth Ware’s Turn Of The Key.  I do have a couple of more to read also.

Chris moved my swing to my new home  from here bless his heart.

But I have only been it twice since the move,  I’m going to spend more time in it as soon as I get things in my bedroom set up.

Both Honey and Spirit are getting used to my new “digs”.  In fact Honey is spending more time outside running up and down off the front porch ( with a long leash to prevent her from running into the street.

I’ll try to get a picture of the house next time.  It is about 160 years and a real adventure to live in.  I remember when Wes and Debra looked at it.  But I never thought I would eventually live here.  It is right in town, in Lake Orion, Michigan.  Walking distance to main street and just a little bit to  Krogers, Walgreens, Ace, and a few other stores.

ell I have the main bedroom light on nd Honey i getting restless so I’m out of here for now.  Have agod one.




New Home Place!

Good Evening .  Momma’s Corner is coming to you from beautiful downtown Lake Orion, Michigan.  This Is the new home place.  I now reside with my oldest child.  I have several pictures waiting for you to see but at the moment I can’t for the life of me remember how to get them on line.  It has been a while so stay with me and I will eventually get this thing figured out.  I have been here for almost two weeks, have my bedroom set up with the computer equipment, along with my bird Spirit and Honey, my dog.   Wes has worked hard to get my connection set up so here I am.

I will have Wes help me get the pictures from the camera to the computer then we will be in business because I have a lot of pictures.

Have a great evening talk to you soon.

I’m Still Here

8 days have past since we last visited.  I have spent a lot of it fighting my lower denture.  I still have problems with it.  But I’m not giving up.  I have finished reading Jeffery Deaver’s The Never Game.   There were several twists and turns but it kept me picking it back up.

I am reading Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu’s The Red Scrolls Of Magic now.  It is a little confusing  but I will get through it.

Honey is still In her plastic collar but it will come off on the 16th.  She is going to be one happy camper then.   She has been fighting it and has had no freedom yet.  Getting out the door is a problem when she is in a hurry.

I took a picture of the purple colored flowers out front but I haven’t got them transferred to the computer yet.  I’ll try to do that next.

I’m a little under the weather but when you are an old broad you have days like this.

The weather is lovely and it is hard to sit inside.  I’m going to take Honey out now to run a little after I grab some thing for a headache.  Have a good couple of days and do something you like.

We will  visit again.


It Is The 5th

Well I finished Dean Koontz’s The Night Window.  Very interesting, fast moving, and gives you lots to think about.  ( It is a Jane Hawk novel). I will now move on to Jeffrey Deaver’s The Never Game. 

Honey is putting up with her neck collar but she doesnt know she has been 4 days with 10 more to go. She is getting around fine with it.

Cindy and I will have Chinese for supper tonight.  She will go pick it up.


It Is Day 3

Tomorrow is the 4th and Les and Anne are taking me to the movies.

Honey is crying right now.  She was just outside, having to come back in and contend with the cone on her head is upsetting her.  I held her for a few minutes then covered her cage completely.  So far she is quiet.  I hope she will settle down for the night.  This is a nerve racking thing when an animal has surgery and you are not sure how to handle it.

I have the house turned down and will soon hit the tick!.

I hope it is quiet  where you right now it is here.  Enjoy your holiday.

It Is 2 Of July!

It has been a busy day so far.  Honey is at the vet’s getting spayed.  I  will pick her up around 4:30 or 5:00pm.  The following is picture of the outside flowers.

the front garden

I am having a Bi*** of a time trying to do this post.  Too much going on and I feel like I’m not in control.  It will be better in a few hours but right now I’m up in the air.

Our front yard ground flag,

Cindy couldn’t resist it and I had to agree!

The Butterfly Bush is coming along famously.

The Butterfly Bush in the left hand corner of  the front yard is  doing very well.

The one we had bought ( as I told you) went to Amanda.]

Today is partly sunny, 90 degrees, and a wind of 4 mph.  It had a small sprinkle earlier but cleared right away.  I think I’ll sit outside for a while and read.  I’m still reading Dean Koontz’s The Night Window.

Have a great day!













Hey It Is Summer and Time To Decorate.

The first Day Of Summer.

The first things In the Fairy Garden

Also in The Fairy garden

I added this today after Amanda and Cindy cleaned out the weeds.

This was added to the front door.

This now hangs on the porch door.

Cindy found the Butterfly bush in the front yard and trimmed away all the old stuff so you will soon see the improved spot.

The flower gardens have had the weeds removed thanks to Cindy and Amanda all around the house.  Cindy’s Snap Dragons are about to bloom.

It as a lovely day to be outside today.  It made working out there almost pleasant. Of course this old lady had to be careful and not fall face first in the grass.

Well It is after 7:30 pm and I have some Chicken Noodle soup to eat ( with or with out the new bottom teeth).  Well I’ll visit again.  Also a late Happy Birthday to my Dear friend Pamela Jane.



New Plants

Cindy and I picked out flowers yesterday.

These went into the big pot on the back porch.

These are on the 3 hook pole in the front yard.

Snap dragons waiting to go in the ground .

The Butterfly Bush to go in the front yard in the left hand corer to replace the one that died.

]Hopefully Chris will plant it for us.

David fixed the seed pole for the birds in the back yard

David created the base to add the pole to.

He built the base to catch the seeds that the birds spill.  Cindy added the Humming Bird hanger to it.

Cindy took me over to storage yesterday to get my walker.  The therapist wants me to use it until my balance improves.]

I was told to use the walker until the balance has improved.

I think it is time to take Honey out to run a bit so I’ll say I’m out of here for now.  Have a great rest of the day.



It is June!

Finish   Lord Of Shadows by Cassandra Clare on 6-1-19 .  Picked up The Forbidden Door by Dean Koontz at part 2 chapter 8.  I’m working on that one now.  I finished June Reader’s Digest large print and a Fill It In Puzzle Book.  I carry V.C. Andrew’s House Of Secrets In my purse when I’m away from the house.  It helps pass the time when I have to wait on an appointment,

I have two more appointments with my DDS then I will have my lower denture,  Hey it is coming together for me.

I fell again last Saturday and David and John had to pick my clumsy ass off the floor.  Scraped my forehead again that time.  I’ll be  in physical therapy to fix my sense of balance.

I hope to have the hearing aid for my right ear in a couple of days and I know that will help. Man I’ll tell you getting old is only golden to the folks you have to pay to survive.

I got some bug bites the other day when I was out in the swing so I bought some cream and a can of Off because I can’t sit inside all day. That was another Urgent care visit .

Now Honey has her  parasite flare up again so more medication for that.  Of course If she didn’t chew on bush branches she would be fine,

My Bleeding Hearts in the front garden are filling the spot up.  I ‘ll get a picture of that next.

Got to go my appointment is here  Have a great Day.