The 23rd How Time Flies!

Good Morning.  Slept like the dead last night didn’t even have to get up to use the porcien throne,  This morning I started with loading the dishwasher, going to the garage and  bringing in cat litter because today I have started to hit the cat boxes.  I don’t know the temperature outside but my hands a still cold from being out there.  It is sun shiny so today Chris may come over and take the Christmas lights down.

THe new flag went up yesterday.

Yep all of the green stuff has been put in a box until next year and I’m just waiting for the Easter box to be brought in so I can work on putting it up.

This flag went up in front yesterday.

this went up on the front door yesterday

While I was out there I spotted theses.

This went up on the back porch door.

I found both the door decoration at the the Rite Aid.  Even drug stores have extra good things.

I have fed the zoo except for Libby.

Well the hands are warm now so it is back to the cats boxes.  Next will be make my bed.  Then take my pills and continue with my chores.

Do have a great day –I know I’m going to.


I Ain’t Dead Yet!

Sorry it has been a week and I have no legit excuse.

Outside yesterday walking the yard.

Buds popping up every where

Right now you have to imagines lilacs

Soon the yellow blooms of the Forsythia

In front yard one of my favorites.

Grow Old With Me The Bast Is Yet To Be!  I have to believe this In order to go on.

Inside this little fellow sit on my vanity. A gift from a friend but also a helper.

It is overcast this morning and I haven’t checked the weather yet so I’ll be surprised later.

One moment out to wish my Niece  Ann Maria a very happy birthday!!!

I would love to get out and visit but I don’t do much of that.

Well it is find some breakfast before it is lunch.  So I’m out of here for now.  Have a great day!


Almost 1/2 Way Though March!

Well it was into Dr. K’s. this morning.  She was pleased with the vitals.  I guess every thing is ticking right along.  She did however ordered another month of physical  therapy.  I asked for Holly again because she is a good pusher. It is all Get her done with her.  .  It seems that the streshing Is causing the stitch in my right side  to release.  The doctor said one more month should develop the needed muscle to separate the bone from the bone.  I certainly hope so.  The result on my blood was excellent.  I said you me I can keep it.  The girl on the phone laughed and said yes.

I sat on the swing for a short while this afternoon exercising my ankles and knees.  But when I went to get up it took a little bit to remember how I used to manage it.

Well I’m still working on Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight .  It is a large book and hard to lug around when I’m riding with Cindy.  But I’ll keep working on it.

Bless Lily’s heart some times she can’t get close enough.

She is up on the vanity and moving around as I try to make a note or read a passage.

I figure it will soon be time  to take the Christmas lights down, roll them up and but them in the shed.

If the weather holds I have to get out and walk a bit.  It is something I need to get back into the habit again.

Well I guess that is it for today take care!




It Is 3-9

Outside late this morning doing some changing around.  The sun is shining,  the wind is not bitter so I started by changing the flags.

This went up on the back porch post.

Out front I hung this

The wind fought me a bit on this one.

On the porch door this went up.

Sorry a little off center.

I’m going to sneak a picture of the flowers we bought when our grocery shopping.

These are a have to for the kitchen.

Just something to make us smile and some times we need that.

Cindy had to work this morning but she should be in soon.

Yesterday as I said It was a hurry up and wait situation with the person who was checking on how Hilly was handling my exercise sessions.  Well I waited but the appointment was canceled.

Well it will soon be take down March decorations and put up Easter.

I looked in the mirror this morning and thought what to do with my hair.  Then I read that women were getting bush cuts.  Boy now that is a temping solution!  ( I got to think on that).

When I went out for the mail this morning it was another ‘we need your help’ request.  Sorry folks but  my family needs it also,  Those in the mail request don’t want my help just what little my money I try to use .  I’m  sorry to say that I know what to do with these requests.   I have my own personal shredder and it eats all those request up very neatly.

Well I think I’ll go mess around in my bedroom a while.  I’ll either read or rest.  Have a great day!



I’m Back Again.

Hey it is the 8th 0f March.  Still snow in the yard.  I haven’t checked the temperature  (don’t care to).  The sun is shining and that is all the matters.  I spent the late morning waiting for a person to come and evaluate my physical therapist work.  She called Cindy to say she can’t make it today.  ( maybe tomorrow)   Yep another hurry up and wait!  It seems I have a lot of those lately.

Yesterday  Cindy took me to get blood work done at the lab.  I’m sure I’ll hear about that soon.

After ward we went grocery shopping (oh boy fun and expensive time).  But it is some thing that has to be done.  I had Cindy smell a cantaloupe for me.  That used to be Jay’s job but she picked out a good one for me. I cut it up this morning and have been sneaking in the fridge for a piece .  She has a good nose!

A moment out to show Mrs. Doff”s gift again.

Got the nails done the other day

I had them shorten because I was having trouble getting the microwave set.   But I think I already told you that.   That is the trouble of waiting between post because you sound like an old lady repeating herself.   Please forgive! Come to think of it I am an old lady!!!!

Cindy called to say we are Chinese for supper.  ( I love it).

I have been working Alexa hard asking for spellings.  I have to say I love the convenience.  I told Cindy today that our corner looks like an office.

I finished 50 50 and started Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight.  (668 pages) which is quite a lot to be hauling around when we are in the truck,

Well Cindy will be home soon and then we eat!   After David wants to play dominos.  ( It has been I while since I played that).  But hey I’m game to be refreshed on these things!

Have a great weekend and do something just for you!


My Fever!

OH I have a terrible fever!  I can’t seem to shake it!  It isn’t like a headache or a pounding behind my forehead.  No it is worse.  I think you could call it a cabin fever!!  Yes that is it.

1st Of March!

It is March 1st and the road is  still icy, the sun is shining, and I am thinking about trying to walk over and get the mail.  The zoo is fed, the dishwasher loaded/ started, the laundry is running.  I scrubbed the bathroom stool, made my bed, transferred the laundry,  made more coffee, ate my oatmeal, took my pills, checked the inbox, located and filled the stapler,  I’m getting good at figuring out where Cindy puts things.

A couple a more green things.

Cindy put this fellow on the fridge.

The goose and the dog are dressed and in the front window.

On the bath room door.

On Cindy’s door

It is hard to believe it is  March already.  It won’t be long until I can get out the pad and sit in the swing again.   I want to set up the bird feeder.  I miss watching them.

Still reading Candice Fox & James Patterson’s Fifty Fifty.  Haven’t decided if I can’t put it down or set it aside for later yet.  Ok so I got cabin fever!  Been getting some bothersome phone calls lately and am finding it hard to be civil!

Cindy has been extremely busy and I haven’t seen her or spoke to her  in over a week.  I miss her.

Well it is off to my room for a while.  Have a great day.



The House Is ‘Wearing Of The Green’

The Camel that asks “What Day Is This” I’m asking what holiday!

1st clue

The tree in the kitchen


A little extra for you

My bedroom door.


Right panel in front widow

Upper right panel

lower left panel front window

upper left panel front window

center front window

Have you guessed it yet?

I have more for later!

Tomorrow is get the nails done day.  Mine are so long I can’t accurately set the microwave.  I have sometimes opened the door to see my coffee bubbling all over the plate .  Messy Me!

Outside it is melting now.  You are starting to see the sidewalks and the street looks dry in the middle. It is 16 degrees, cloudy, with an 8 mph wind.  It isn’t go out and sit in the swing weather but it is better than it was.

Well I missed my breakfast so I guess lunch is cereal.

Have a great day and do something just for you!!




What A Difference A Day Makes

Today the sun is shining brightly with a very gentle breeze.  This was not the case yesterday.  The wind was 26 mph with some gusts.  At 5:45 pm I rescued  the big goose’s hat from the front yard fence.  I then  placed the goose in a corner of the back porch to keep it from blowing away. I also pick up a canvas chair that had blown into the front yard and tucked it in a corner of the back porch.  Walking was a challenge because the  snow had a thin cover of ice over it and it was snowing lightly.

Today the sidewalks are clear and I will walk out and get the mail.  Got the mail after my session with Holly.  Holly introduced  a stretchy strip into the workout today.  So now I have something new to work on.  She also brought a medium size rubber ball.  She said she would bring some more toys next time.

We started the new decorations for this coming month.

The front window

This lights up.

The extras

The extras

This is on the cabinet.

The tree on the kitchen counter

Still have some more to do,

I fixed one of my fleece jackets today.  There was a spot on the sleeve.

I turned it into a heart

More ways than one to skin a cat as they say!

That is ii for now!




The Big 84 Yes!!

84 freakin’ years old.

How lucky I am. Some people never reach this stage in life.

This morning Cindy and David took me to IHOP for breakfast.  I had a Belgium Waffle with strawberry syrup and sausage links on the side.

On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen where Cindy bought an Ice Cream birthday cake for our supper.  When we got home I accomplished a couple domestic goddess chores and started reading birthday greetings on the computer.  There are so many that I saved some for later. ( Thank you everyone for your caring thoughts!)

I have an appointment with my physical therapist in another 15 minutes.  Then I think I’ll rest for a while. I have enjoyed my birthday so far so I wish you a happy rest of the day!