Mother’s Day

A happy Mother’s Day to all. Your children may be human, have feathers, scales or fur it doesn’t matter.  The only thing that counts is that to you they are your children.

Cindy and David took me to see Pom on the 10th.  It starred Diane Keaton and was very good movie.  If you haven’t seen it yet try to go because you will like it.

My Mother’s Day was celebrated yesterday.

This was my cake and it was wonderful.,

My daughter-in-law Anne

My son Les

My daughter Cindy and David had dinner with me.

Cindy made the dinner and it was very tasty.  That was my Mother’s Day gift.

Anne and Les brought me this.

A bird house with flowers  and plants.

Right now it is on top of one of the book shelves so the animals won’t try to eat it.  As soon as it is warm enough it will go outside in one of the gardens.

In another 16 days I will see my DDS for an impression of my lower gum.  It has been quite an adventure finding things I could eat.  Chew no– gum yes.  But a denture is in my future.  As I said before the object was to remove any infection that the teeth might cause and protect my health.

Another adventure was to see my Ear doctor because one of my hearing aids was damaged.  I now have monthly payments to pay off  $2200.  By golly I will be more careful about how I treat  the things I need to enjoy life.  I must say getting old can be I bi### but it beats the other alternative all to he##.

Honey went in for a bath, nails trimmed , and to smell pretty the other day.

She can be a real pain sometimes but you can’t help but love her.

I guess that is it for now.  Do the things you love to do.  Go where you want to go. and tell those who are important to you that you love them.


Inside & Out

When my tv acted up two days ago a lot of eyes were trying to fix it.

Every one wanted to help.

I received my statement for Honey today so now I can start paying that off. It makes it a little easier planning the money when you know what you have to have.  Until you have the information you worry about the outcome.  Now I feel better.

Another 23 days of gumming every thing then the impressions will be taken. Soon I’ll be I’ll be talking funny but enjoying more substantial  meals,  Right now graham crackers softened with abit of coffee is heaven.

Cindy worked on decorating the bathroom yesterday.

The bathroom shelf

What is on the mirror.

First of several

Number 2

number 3

the center of the mirror

More mirror

Cindy did a beautiful job on this..

The lights on the back porch.

The nest is above the back porch light.

That is why we have those lights in the picture above this.   Cindy said we didn’t want to fry the baby birds.

It is 69 degrees outside with a light wind and light rain.

I have some paper work to catch up on so I’ll close for now.  Have a great day.


Day 4 of May

Deep grass is gone.

Chris was in today and mowed.

Honey couldn’t get over not have to jump up to get around.

The yard looks great

back yard right side

the side towards the front.

Every thing is trimmed and lovely,  Thank you Chris and helper.

Cindy has decorated the inside yesterday so I’ll get pictures of that next.

Think I’m supposed to go someplace so I’ll close for now.



The Latest

Nails today

Mahogany my most favorite color.

Outside today

Tulips still blooming near the living room window.

Checking the other garden in front  it is this.

Bleeding heart picture 1.

picture 2

Swept the bedroom today picking up all Honey’s toys.  Took her outside for a bit and now she is back in trying to mess up the room again.

I got a birthday card in the mailbox for Jasmine but sorry it is 1 day late already.

Still gumming my food but not starving to death.  Have that dds appointment soon.

Have a great day .  I’ll visit later!




Middle Of The NIght

It is 1:27 am what the heck am I doing up.  Cindy and I am going out today to find some things to decorate the house with.

I have to tell you my dog was out in the yard yesterday with her leash on.  She was running back and forth with the leash trailing her. Suddenly she stopped, grabbed the handle of the leash, and took off running around the yard.  We later walked a block up Meadowlawn and visited with Mr. Murphy.  This was why I wanted a dog in the first place to make me get out and walk.  We did spend a little time in the swing together also.

I think I am up because I have lost two acquaintances  in the last month.  This does bother me greatly. I question my decisions the last few months also.

Yesterday I received two books to add to my collection. One was by V.C. Andrews House Of Secrets.  This was one of my favorite authors many years ago so I thought I pick up something recent by her.

I also bought  Cassandra Clare’s The Red Scrolls Of Magic (book one).  This should keep me busy once I finish what I’m reading now.

Well it is 2:05 am and I’m getting a slight chill so I think I’ll go climb back in my nice comfy bed for another few hours.  I’m looking forward to spending time with my daughter today ( she works so much).

Have a good day and I’ll visit later.


Busy Sunday

My day stated at 7am with the stripping of my bedroom. My dog has Giardia a one celled parasitic species.  This called for stripping  everything, spraying the room and every thing in it with Lysol. and starting the rounds of washing.

The stripping

I have one load in the dryer, one in the washer. and bedding waiting to go in.  In the meantime I have cleaned Spirit’s cage, swept my bedroom, started the dishes, had the dog outside twice .  She is in her cage right now and I will be keeping her in it at night.  I have fed the zoo except Libby.   I gave Honey her medicine also.  ( I took mine too).

I have been outside with Honey but it is cold out there so we don’t stay long.  I have folded the laundry from last night and am going to make myself an egg for breakfast.

I pulled out the first load of laundry from the dryer to put away. The second load went in the dryer, then the blanket from my bed in the  washer.  I fried a stirred up egg in butter and gummed it down.  Yummy!  Hey it is coming together!  I debated cleaning the oven but decided I had enough pots boiling for today.

Now I’m signing off and I’ll try to bring this all together.  Have a good cay.


Almost May!

Outside this morning.

In the front by the seeps.

The Forsythia on the right side of the house is starting to bloom.]

I do love the plants around the house coming alive.  Even the Bleeding Heart plants have leaves showing.

We do need the yard mowed because Honey is looking a snow plow getting around out there.

On the back porch the goose is now looking like a floppy eared rabbit.

Well the mouth is still sore and I have to remember that gumming is still necessary.  Oh well such is life.

Honey has an infection but I have medicine for her ( thanks to Cindy)  and started that today.  I sometimes think I’m too old for this kind of sh**.

It is 43  mostly sunny but with a wind to bring out the goosebumps.

Well I have some reading t do on Honey’s medication, plus pick up my prescriptions this afternoon.

The zoo all except for Libby has been fed this morning,  I have swept my bedroom because my sweet Honey found some cardboard to chew up.  I know Cindy said puppies chew but it is a pain keeping up with the clean up.   It is a good thing I love that dog or I would lock her in an empty room.

A Happy Birthday to my friend Edna and may she have many more.

I hope you you have a great weekend and to all the Mothers out there a big hug  for us!!!


The 24th

Good afternoon.  Well Honey and I took our first walk today.  It was only 1/2 of a block but it  is a start.   For her it was a time to smell what the world outside her gate was like.  I well increase the distance a little at a time.  We also sat on the swing for a few minutes and she seemed to enjoy that also.  I’m going to have to have Chris come and mow because it is getting high enough for Honey to have to plow through it.

Just a short rest after our adventure.

As for me I’m surviving on things  I don’t have to chew.  It will a little less than a month before I will get get the impression for my lower denture.

Cindy and I have pretty well cleared away the decor for Easter but haven’t settled on what the  new theme will be.

On Easter Darlene and Micheal joined us for dinner.

Micheal and Darlene

With Micheal’s help it was Lasagna, and garlic bread. They also brought deviled eggs.

Our dessert was this cake.

It was a pleasant visit with Cindy, David, Darlene, and Micheal playing Rotten Apples While I rested afterward.  I just haven’t build up the stamina I need yet.

I’m  still working on Cassandra Clare’s Lord Of Shadows. About half way through it.

Outside is 58 degrees with a high of 60 was expected.

I think I’ll slip a little  nap now that no one else is up.  Have a great rest of the day.




Easter Sunday

This is my Happy Easter wish to you all.  Cindy and I have been preparing for company later today.   Michel and Darlene will be in  for supper.  We will have Lasagna, deviled eggs, garlic toast, and a desert.

Right now it is 51 degrees with a high around 66 degrees at at 5 pm.  The sun is shining brightly with fluffy clouds barely moving across the sky.

As for me I am sitting here with no teeth,  Still  little pain in the lower jaw.  But things promise to be better in a few weeks.

But If I look down and see Honey  every thing Is suddenly all better.  Have a Happy Easter.









Whats New!

Good afternoon.  I would like to introduce the new member of the family.

This is Honi.. She is a Yorkie/Havanese

She was born in January.

Very affectionate, beginning to get used the bedroom and living room.  She goes out on a leash right now because she could slip under the gate.  Our zoo is slowly getting used to her.

Today I went to the dentist and had the rest of my lower teeth removed.  Some were beginning to chip.  I was experiencing some pain.  1 1/2 hours later they were out.  I will be getting a lower denture in a few weeks.  There was some infection so I figured it was time to fix that. At my age I don’t want the risk of infection.  One good thing no more pain and I don’t have to buy more tooth paste!  Other than the stitches  and a little pain  ( I know I sound like I’m falling apart) I should be fine soon.