A Bit Of Everything

I just finished Ruth Ware’s The Lying Game and It is another good one pick it up.

I have spent most of the day out on the swing.  I have read, did Fill It In puzzles, and listened to what was going on around me.  .A bird that kept calling Cheater, Cheater. A slight breeze making it a lovely time to swing.

This morning Cindy walked a block with me following the route I used to walk with Brandy every day.  Now Cindy has back problems so you know she was doing it for me.

I just filled the feeder this morning and the crowd is waiting.

Yesterday at Les’ birthday party we had Lasagna, salad, and an Ice cream cake.

I had to sing the monkey song when I showed it to him.

If you don’t know it tell me and I’ll put it down for you.  He also spent time updating mine and Cindy’s Blogs.  He is a very good son and we love him for it.

This is the picture Les printed for my wall in the bedroom.

He took me to get the frame yesterday.

this is a closeup.

I took a picture Of Molly this morning.

She is a little under the weather too so I’m taking her into the vets tomorrow.

I took this while I was outside this morning

This is the side street by the house.

It is missing the last two letters on the sign,

This is in the swing with me today.

Now that I have finished The Lying Game  I’m going to pick this up.

I called this my book to take with me

If I were going to the doctor’s,or riding with Cindy while she did her business rounds I would read while I wait.  Now I’ll finish it up.

Well It is almost supper time so I’ll close for now.  Remember do something nice for yourself.













Gone But I Won’t Forget Her

The Butterfly Bush is working overtime today.


They were right in front of me today.

It has been a sad day for me today.  I had to put my constant companion of over 12 years to sleep.

I have cried many tears.

But she was having trouble with her heart.  Her eyesight was going.  The vet had her on some pretty strong medicine.  I could have kept her a little longer but it would have meant more. possibly stronger medicine.  I just didn’t want to put her through that.  She will be missed for a long time but I won’t forget  her.l

It Is The 23rd

Good Morning on this clear, cool morning.  My zoo except for the dogs have been fed.  The outside birds are set up also.  I’m finishing a slice of Apple/cinnamon toast and will post the latest.

Les and Anne are expected up on Sunday (his 51st birthday)  I have a small surprise for him.  Nothing big but hey the bast I can do.

Pictures I promised from yesterday before the rain that I took last night after.

a teapot house in the fairy garden

a new stone bridge

a bird bath

These were placed in the second section  of the displays.

This plant was in my bedroom on a shelf.

I had bought for my sister-in-law but when I went to deliver it she had been moved to a hospital so I brought it home and set in on a haigh shelf over my bed so the cats couldn’t chew on it.  Yesterday I moved it outside, put in fresh soil, and said  little prayer for its new home.  I’ll see if this helps.

Yesterday in the afternoon Lily decided my bed looked good because the dog was in the living room,

Speaking of the oog I cleaned her eyes yesterday but they started gumming up again.  There are times when she twists her head like she can’t focus on anything Bless her heart!  I’m going to have to make a decision on her future shortly because I can’t  stand to see her suffering like this.

Well I was bear naked yesterday at least jewelry wise.  I had taken my ring off because my finger was swelling.  I had to remove my earrings because I lost one of the backs and would have lost the earring too.  So today I’m going to get ‘dressed ‘ again before the holes in my ears close up and while my finger isn’t swollen.  I guess it is the joys of the elderly!

I went with Cindy grocery shopping yesterday so I didn’t get much reading done on The Lying Game  by Ruth Ware but I’ll pick it up again today.  I may have to pick up my volume of Poe’s work next because I’m running out of novels.

Well that is it for now have a good day.






Yup I’m Back

I just finished Ruth Ware’s The Woman In Cabin 10  All I can  say is Wow.  If you like action, suspense, ( I mean a real page turner pick this one up).  I will start her  The Lying Game next. If it goes as fast as the last one I should be done with it tomorrow evening.

This is the cover of this one.

I just got Cindy’s next group of items for her Fairy garden. I put them out but it started raining so the picture will have to wait.

Well the front window is ready.

Just butterflies but pretty ones.

Well it is another day with no seizures for Brandy so the medicine is working.  She is walking almost normally.

This afternoon I cleaned Spirit’s cage so she has a clean house.  I have to get out and get her some seed soon. I had managed everyone except her and the dogs the other day.

It is almost time for my programs so I’ll close for now.  But I’ll be back soon.

Things I Have Accomplished

Just finished James Paterson & Bill Clinton’s The President Is Missing.  Well written with many factors to follow, to unrevel, to reach the conclusion.  Worth the time reading it.  I start Ruth Ware’s The Woman In Cabin 10 now.  I have also ordered her In A Dark Dark Wood.  

My big cat.

This is one of many that I have painted because I love big cats.  Unfortunately this was damaged while in storage.  I debated trying to fix it but decided to follow my rule of if it is broken get rid of it.  It had been in storage since I moved so it wasn’t like I needed it.  Yesterday I took a hammer to it so it will go to trash today.  (What does a 83 year old woman need with a statue anyway.)  This is one of many things that will go before I’m gone.

It is chilly out so far today but I’m in the swing reading.  Cindy is busy going through cupboard checking what we have.  Past due are going out and she is making a list of what we will need.

Well Brandy is up so I’ll get her outside for a short walk.  Have a good week.

The Fairy Garden

Cindy and I worked on the fairy garden today. These are some of the pictures

This is an overall

This is the stump.

The pond

the wishing well

the bridge

the bench

fairy with flowers

the deer

There will  be more additions as we add on.  But this is a start.

Another Book Just In Time.

It is 74 degrees outside with temperatures in the low 70s the rest of the day.  There is a misty rain right now and it has been wet all day.  (No need to water today.)

I spent the majority of my day in my room reading The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and  James Patterson.  I’m now on chapter 25 and I’ll pick it back up as soon as I’m finished her.  It is a good story showing how a person can be caught up in controversy  when they can’t tell the facts because of danger to many.  When the air is on in the house  for others comfort I have a heater in my room that i use.

I received Ruth Ware’s The Woman In Cabin 10 today and that will be my next read when I finish the one I’m on now.

I discover Hoagen-Dazs Trios and am hooked on them now.   I have a carton of Banana Peanut Butter  Chip sitting in front of me.  I won’t eat it all in one sitting but I will maim it a little. The joy of not having to worry about gaining weight.

The Butterfly bush out front is doing a fine job attracting all kinds of butterflies.  The problem is my camera is in the house when I need It.

As you can see there a three shades of purple in bloom.

Well swing time and our walk was cancelled by the rain today but maybe we will get back on track tomorrow.  (The trio just went back in the freezer for today.)

I’m 3/4 through another Fill It In book.  I do the puzzles in between reading.  A little change up for the eyes.

Cindy and I got our nails done yesterday.  I decided to go with a “Waa!!” color this time.

T darn near glow in the dark!

The Credit Union girls will have comments for this color.

Well My friend it is a little after 5pm and my hands are cold so I think I will sneak back to my room, turn on the heater, and pick up The President Is Missing again.

Have a good evening and a better day tomorrow.


I’m Back On The 14th.

Good Morning–another sun shiny day.  Just finished Ruth Ware’s The Death Of Mrs. Westerway.  I was so impressed with it that  I ordered The Lying Game and The Woman  In Cabin 10.  They should be here in a couple of days.  In the meantime I have The President Is Missing to work on.

Brandy is doing pretty good with no seizures the last few days but I’m keeping her medicine up.  We are in and outside a lot.  I have had her taking a short walk the last couple of days.  THe vet said no walks but she goes to the gate every morning and a short walk to just past Murphy’s house and back seems to satisfy her needs. I feel as long as she doesn’t overdo we should be fine.

I found a new plant in the front garden.

It is in with the Bleeding Hearts,  What is it?  Beats me but it is pretty

An invasion of the seed feeder

Day before yesterday what looked like  these American Crows took over the feeder area.  I had to take down the feeder and put in the seed bucket until they had eaten their fill.  I put it back up yesterday and have had no problem since. I do have a Blue Jay visit some times now.

Well the zoo is fed this morning, the dishwasher emptied, and there is time for our visit before the rest of the humans get up.

I have a nail appointment tomorrow but nothing going today.  I think a short walk with Brandy, starting The President is Missing, and getting s few household chores done is the order of the day. Enjoy this Tuesday .

I forget to wish grand daughter Courtney a Happy Birthday yesterdaybut I did send a card.  Happy birthday! love you  Gram




Catching Up On Reading

Good morning on this sun shiny 71 degree day.  The high today will be 80–warm but not unbearable.

Well I finished Jeannette Walls’ second novel last night Half Broke Horses.  She has only had 2 novels that I know of but I really liked both.  Check them out you’ll enjoy them.

I start Ruth Ware’s  The Death Of Mrs. Westway  today.  I am almost through the September issue of the large print Reader’s Digest.   Called the Genius Issue it certainly showed how much logic I don’t have.but could be enjoyable for people like my sons.

This is how Brandy and I spent part of yesterday.

Her medicine is helping prevent the seizures when I can get it in her tummy.  So far she has rejected her food, two types of cheese, and it seems that peanut butter seems to work best on getting the pills in her.  Chris’ Pam suggested it and it works.

I still have to wash Brandy’s face because her eyes are runny.  But a warm washcloth and her drops are controlling that.  (It is like having a sick child, but like one you do what a mom has to do to help her.)

I have the zoo fed and the outside birds taken care of so after my visit with you I have my room to sweep but I have to wait until the sleepers get uo.

This month my son Lesley and grand  daughter Courtney (his daughter) have birthdays  My very best wishes guys!

Well it looks like I can run the vacuum so I’m up and out of here for now.  But I’m warning you I will be back.  Have a great day.

It Is The 7th of August

Good morning!

First Congratulations on Cindy’s 15 years at her job.

Next I finished Sleeping Beauties last night and have now picked up Jeannette Wells’ Half Broke Horses.  I had read her The Glass Castle and decided on this True Life Novel also.

About Brandy the vet has change the dosage on one of her medications for at least a week and then will confer with me about the next step.  The good news is she has had no seizures in the last couple of days.

I have to show you Juicey’s new outfit.

The closest I could come to Bonco ( what we play).

The Butterfly bush out front is doing it’s job now  but I just haven’t caught a large butterfly in it.

Beautiful Blooms on it

It rained over night and looks like it may rain again today which means no lawn cutting today.  I haven’t check the weather report just looked outside.

Well that is it for now–Have a great day!