Whats New!

Good afternoon.  I would like to introduce the new member of the family.

This is Honi.. She is a Yorkie/Havanese

She was born in January.

Very affectionate, beginning to get used the bedroom and living room.  She goes out on a leash right now because she could slip under the gate.  Our zoo is slowly getting used to her.

Today I went to the dentist and had the rest of my lower teeth removed.  Some were beginning to chip.  I was experiencing some pain.  1 1/2 hours later they were out.  I will be getting a lower denture in a few weeks.  There was some infection so I figured it was time to fix that. At my age I don’t want the risk of infection.  One good thing no more pain and I don’t have to buy more tooth paste!  Other than the stitches  and a little pain  ( I know I sound like I’m falling apart) I should be fine soon.



A Visit Today.

I stand corrected I just learned they still haven’t decided on who will get the dog in the  shelter.  Maybe tomorrow there will be a decidicion.  Another hurry up and wait.  I really hate that. But I can only wait for their decision.

I visited my niece in rehab today.  She knew me and as happy to see me.  Her husband Jim drove me down.  Thank you Jim.

Well I have a few things to do so this is a short one.  Have a good evening!

The Loser!

That is me!   I didn’t get the dog.  It seems these last few days all my hopes have crashed and burned.  I know it wasn’t to be and there is a good reason for it.  But for the life of me I can’t figure out what it is.

It is raining right now and it won’t clear up until after 3pm.  It is supposed to get up to 60 today.

Well Onyx just turned on Alexa so I had to turn it off.

I picked up Clare’s Lord Of Shadows  last night and read to page131.  I’ll read some more this afternoon.  It is almost the weekend and I still have  the Sunday papers to read.

On the duties today–I have started the laundry, adding the bath mats, have the dishwasher running, need to scrub the bath tub, sweep my bedroom, and feed the zoo.

There is nothing on my “social calendar” as I call it so I’m clear to do what the heck I want to do when the daily duties are taken care of.  Cindy is working (as usual).  David was up most of the night so he and Libby are sleeping.

Well I think I’ll put on a ‘happy face’ as they say and hustle my bustle around here.

Have a great day and a better weekend.



Where We Are At.

Wow Have I got news for you.  First my visit to the doctor who is monitoring the semi blockage between my stomach and intestines.   Nothing has changed since last year.  That was very good news.

This is Erin’s new cage.

More room to get around in and he is a bit over whelmed I think.

This is the flag that out in front right now.

The bunny is still on the back porch.  Also I added this.

I dressed the goose as an Easter egg.

You Know how you start out to do one thing and ended up doing something else.  Well I went out front to get the trash cart and bring it back in when I noticed trash up and down the grass around the sidewalk and down on the side of the road.

The next thing I did was clean it all up and dump in the trash cart.

I didn’t set out to do it but I felt I needed to neaten it up.

Next it was check on the Lilac bushes on each side of the gate..  This is on the left side’

This on the right side.

Both are showing Spring growth.

I’m am waiting to see If there will be a new baby in the household.  We have a request in for a recuse Pekense for me.  I want a dog to walk with me.  She is 1 year and i month old.  Her name is Jessica.  If she and Libby get along she will come home with me.

Well I finished Lady Midnight and started Cassandra Clare’s Lord Of The Shadows.  I have read the first 100 pages and have been carrying it with me to my appointments.

So with my health, my possibly getting my dog, and my general  attitude I’m so happy I’m close to tears.  ( I don’t know if I deserve this or not but I’ll take it gladly.)

I know there is something else I’m supposed to write about but I’ll be back.

Have a good rest of the week ad do something to make you happy!





To Tell The Tale!

It was quite a weekend for me.  On Friday night Cindy and David took me to see Capital Marvel.  It was a good movie with many special effects. I enjoyed it greatly. Then yesterday Les and Anne took me to see Shazam. I certainly got my fill of superheros and special effects.  Thank you to both sets of family for taking me.

I’m am almost finished with Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight  then I will move on to her Lord  Of The Shadows.  It is a Shadowhunters novel also.

Tomorrow is my appointment  with the Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Doctor.  As you  know I have a semi blockage but I can’t have surgery because of my age.  The appointment tomorrow is to see if the blockage is any worse or has stayed the same.  Hey I’m 84 and Shit happens!  Besides i want to get a puppy to walk with me but I have to make sure I’ll be around.  Fingers are crossed hoping me and my puppy will be trodding the side streets next week.  David has said he will train the puppy for me.  I’m hopeful this be be a reality!!

I’ll be around after tomorrow to let you know how it went.  Stay tuned for another episode of The old broad and her dog!!!!!!!



Day 2 Of April

Good Morning.  With a bowl of oatmeal (instant), the zoo fed, and the washer and dishwasher humming along I start my day.  Nothing really pending today–maybe a little reading or a walk outside if it warms up a little.  I have a couple of appointments coming up (which I mentioned yesterday). Dizzer- Dizzer Just old lady talk!

A look outside shows me squirrels scampering everywhere.  Onyx is trying to climb through the front window to get them.  He is knocking over my bunnies and I have to set them up again.

I’ll check back in later if something (like I won the Lotto) should happen .  But please don’t hold our breath –I need you breathing !




Foolish Me

April 1 so why is there snow ?  Is this some kind of an April Fools Joke? I really am not laughing about it!  I was just about to hang my puffy jacket in the back of my closet.  I thought I could get by with my clown jacket now.  I was wrong darn it.  April 1 has made a fool out of me.

Well I finished my large print Reader’s Digest yesterday.  I’m over half way through Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. I read the AARP magazine 2 days ago.

Cindy and David took me to Red Lobster yesterday and I had Lobster Tail.  I hadn’t had that since my daddy took me out several years ago.  It was great yesterday and I really enjoyed it.

I have an appointment with my doctor about my blockage between the stomach and the bowels  to see if it is staying the same or getting worse soon.  Other than that every thing is ok.  Have a great week

Just We Two

In my file cabinet there is a folder for pets.  It had paid bills, information on Brandy, Molly, and Spirit.  Sadly Brandy and Molly are no longer with me so I really don’t need the folder.  I stand at the cage and say there is you and me now Spirit.  No need for a file labeled pets.  Oh I have the cats, Libby, and Erin which I care about and help take care of but it is not the same.  I still feel tears gather in my eyes and a lump in my throat when I stop to remember what I have lost. They were my family especially after Jay pasted.

That also brings to mind people I have loved that are ill, or infirmed now that I can no longer help or see. Yes it is just we two left in this little family of days gone by.  There are people in my life that I love and care about that care about me  but this is different, good but not the same.   I am lucky to have these people in my life and would not trade them.   But I can’t quite explain this feeling that I have.

A few more thoughts

Good Afternoon.  A few more pictures to show you .

My Easter Nails

I figure the the white dots were fitting.

A bunny on the kitchen wall.

Also a wreath out there.

Left side of the kitchen window

right side of the kitchen window

I was just outside getting some more picture to show you later.

This is on the inside kitchen window

Along with this.

So enough for today.

Steppin’ Out With My Baby!

On Saturday night it could only be described like that old song Steppin With My Baby because that is what I did.

As you can see we had a blast

This was taken at The Pachyderm Pub in Burton.  It is is what might be called a gay bar.  This ( at 84 years old) was one of my few times in one.  Cindy introduced me to the girls at the door and they found me a seat with a back.  They then bought me a drink to welcome me.      The performers that night were working to benefit Paws for a Cause       ( dogs).  Every one was friendly but stayed very much with their own groups  One of the performers was an old friend of Cindy’s which was why we were  there.

Cindy’s old friend.


I really enjoyed the show.

Moving on we started decorating for Easter today.  The following is some of our work.

This is on the computer desk.

On the counter in the kitchen.

The Gath room mirror


The bathroom shelf.

The living room window.

There will be more later.  For now I’ll say Good Night!