Getting Closer!

Good Morning!  Now four days until our traditional Christmas Eve dinner/supper.  Years ago My father said ,”you will come to our house on Christmas Eve and stay home on Christmas Day so the children can enjoy their gifts.” I have tried to carry on this tradition But times have changed.  My grand kids are in other states or committed to other things.  But I will welcome all who can make it.

Can’t resist the pictures

Cindy decorated the bathroom mirror yesterday.

You have to smile as you look up and brush your teeth in our bathroom. 

Yep it is green allright!

Forecast is for light rain in the low 40s until around 6 pm.  It will get a bit cooler but still rain through tomorrow.  It is obvious that Mother Nature doesn’t know what date it is !

Our string of cards just keeps getting fuller and I love it!

Well the zoo is fed, the laundry is in the dryer, and I have to get my vitamins and pills in my tummy before I forget them.

Keep getting things done and I’ll visit again later.

Happy Holidays every one!



Nothing Rolling!

I Thought my marbles were loose!

Yesterday I had an appointment with a Neurologist.  He went through the usual procedure of take these three words and remember them as we talk.  The three words were apple. pencil, and light.  When he asked again for the three words after our conversation I could give him all three.  He then assured me my marbles were not escaping me and mind wise I was just fine.  So I have no excuse like I can’t remember or I don’t know.   He did give me his card in case anything did roll out my ears.  It was a pleasant visit.

I had plans to work on the cat boxes this morning but the litter is in Cindy’s car.  Scratch that.]

It is in the 30s until 7 pm then it will drop to the high 20s until morning. There was frost on the ground this morning but no snow.

My  Christmas gifts are under control but I do have some wrapping to do.  Then there is also that feeling you get that maybe it isn’t the right thing to give, they won’t like it, or think it is dumb but hey you do what you think is good.

Today I have scalloped potatoes to make and I bought jello yesterday so I want to make a dish of that up.

Well the zoo is fed, dishes are washing, the letters went to the mailbox so there is no reason to sit here any longer.

Have a get day, get a lot done, and don’t forget to smile.

Hey it is that time of year.

Snow What Snow!

8 days to go.  It is really getting close now.  Outside

This sure don’t look like December to me.

Now I’m not complaining because I sure don’t like slip and fall weather at all.   But this isn’t what I’d call holiday inviting.

I cut cardboard yesterday.

There was a lot of it behind these steps in the back room.  I don’t know why it kept building up but it is gone now.  The trash cart is almost filled to the top.  My arms are still a little sore this morning but by golly it is ready for pick up now.

Cindy went to the grocery store yesterday as is our habit she came home with this

She like me can’t resist the beauty of fresh flowers,

What we look like at night.

I tried but it isn’t as pretty as  real life. 

I turn them on at night but only for a couple of hours.  The budget must be kept in mind.

The new calendar is ready and waiting,

this will hang on the dining area wall

A reminder of up and coming events and appointments.

Well the zoo has been fed,  except for the dog.  Speaking of dog I have an appointment with  a doctor dealing with the  brain (not exactly but looking it up I got lost in the descriptions), tomorrow. If everything is ok I’m on my way to a new companion.   I need a dog to get me off my dead butt and out walking again.   It is time now to close for today and get some other things under control.

Keep busy, accomplish your projects  and we will visit again.

Smile a bit!







Eat Mary Eat!

Sometimes I think my mind is turning to mush like the melon.  But I just can’t seem t remember what I know that I know but it just ain’t shining through!! Anyway I called my youngest son and he helped me.

Nine days from now we will have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  I have a menu, so all I need to do is pick up the fixings.

Can’t remember if I showed you this but it it is the bathroom shelf.

As you can see we are well guarded.  Cindy still has something to put on the mirror,

This is hanging on the archway opening.

I really love this piece.  It makes me smile all the time.

Fixing an old jewelry chain.

I worked all one evening and part of the following morning and finally got the knot out of this chain.  The advantage is that old jewelry in much stronger than what you can buy now so I managed to fix this.

This is on the corner of my vanity to rem9ind me that it is a happy time.

Speaking of happy my doctor gave me a mood pill to improve my attitude. So now I have a happy pill to take every day.  She said it will take a couple of weeks to work but knowing I’m taking it has me saying I’m going to be happy and by golly I am.

I started hanging the Christmas Cards on the wall.

I figure if you spent money to buy and send them then they deserve to be used as decorations on my wall. Thank you so very much.

It is in the low 40s and will drop to the low 30s after 6 pm but no talk of snow yet.  In the old days when my kids were young I used to agonize over no snow when I knew there was a sled under the tree.  ( We worry about such things then and I still do.)

These old friends are sitting on the shelf in front of the glass case at the back of the living room.

Two of them take batteries but I don’t bother with them.

Well my doctor said I must eat.  I had lost 30 lbs in the last few months.  Don’t you wish you had orders like that!  After spending most of my life fat I can’t get used to ” Eat Mary Eat!”.

Have a good week and keep those plans going. Love yah!



Hey It Is The 12th!

Half way to Christmas Eve.  I have worked on a menu for our eve supper ( a family tradition)  with a note that says it is subject to change and suggestions.

Last night I worked on trying to getting a knot out of a very old jewelry chain so I could give the piece to my grand daughter.  Still have to work on it more today.

I am now reading Two Years Eights Months And Twenty Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie.  Wes loaned it to me and I’m a little confused by it but I will get  through it.  I am on page 121 with 165 pages to go.  I’m going to get it!

It is expected to get to 35 degrees to day but no higher.  It will be partly sunny ( I haven’t seen this yet) until 4 pm.  then mostly cloudy.  We are supposed to have snow tomorrow.

This is my gift early because (David had to put  it together) for Cindy and David for Christmas.

It is a love seat. It sure makes the room look bigger.

Cindy had the old sofa ( was a sleeper bed) hauled away.

I have an appointment with my Doctor tomorrow to see how my weight is holding.  I have no idea if it is good or bad.  I really don’t care as long as I feel ok.

We have the Christmas lights up on the outside of the house thanks to Chris Murphy and I’m trying to limit how long they are on because the electric bill is a concern.  If it wasn’t for that they would burn from dusk to bedtime because they are so pretty.  I tried to take a picture of them but it wasn’t good.

I picked up my walker from Wes’ house yesterday.  It had been there since the parade.  I pulled the lights off of it and then took it and the bath seat (which I took apart) and placed them both in storage.  Now that was a trip  because the lock on my unit was frozen and the man there had to cut it off so I could get into the unit.  Then of course he had to replace a lock.

Well my laundry is dry so that means fold it and put it away, make my bed, and go back to working  on the knot on that piece of old jewelry chain.

Have a great day, get a lot done,  smile, laugh a little, stay dry and warm!!!

A little color for you!







Day 5

Wow it is coming on fast now.  33 Christmas cards went out in the mail this morning,

This will be my last year to send them.

But I couldn’t resist one more time to remind people that this was the way we old people used to do it.

Well this is the list now of what I have to read.

1 Shari Lapena’s An Unwanted Guest 

2 Neil Gaiman’s Black Orchid 

3 Stephen King’s The Sun Dog 

4 Salman Rushdie’s Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights (on loan from my son Wes)

I just finished Lisa Jackson’s You Will Pay last night.   Very good. Many twists, and surprises to keep you guessing  about the outcome.  

Dean Koontz’s novel The Forbidden Door.took a back seat on the shelf because the follow up isn’t until May of 2019.

There was a big hunt to find the birds.  When Cindy finally found them David hung them up.

The birds right side

left side

This archway is their home during the Holidays so it was important that they be found.

Onyx Making his appearance in front of me

It is 26 degrees outside with the wind at 2 mph.  It is sunny with the snow pretty well gone.  It should remain in this area most of the day.

The walker is still at Wes’; house so I’ll have to get that soon.

I need to take the lights off and put all the pockets back on.  But it did it’s job in the parade and with out it I couldn’t have been in it.

Well that is it for now. Have a great day




That Was A Night!

We were ready to do our thing.  Bring It On!

As we prepared to walk in the Lake Orion Lighted parade

Me , Phil, and grand daughter Jasmine,

Here we are Jasmine’s clowns lined up to go.

I’m proud because these are my costumes , my creations.  But the faces were by son Wes and grand daughter Jasmine.  But I pinned the lights on.

Even my bwalker had lights on it thanks to David who did a great job of getting it ready.

Overall it was a night to remember.  I had cold hands but even with the tiny bit of rain I wasn’t too cold not to enjoy every minute of it.

Also all of the people who made up the group were real troupers. They danced, waved at everyone, and even stop to talk to the little ones along the way.   Everyone seemed to love every step of the parade.  For me it was another adventure to tuck into my memory.  How lucky I am to be able to do these things when many my age can’t function this way.  Many said they would see me next year and my reply was If I was on the right side of the grass I would certainly be there.

It is said that to grow old gracefully one must be in contact with others, to show others you care, to keep learning the ways of your world.  I hope I’m trying to follow that rule although sometimes I find myself drawing inside me.  I have several projects waiting for my attention but sometimes it is easier to just read or take a nap instead.

Well it is time to get back to what is needed in this day ahead so I’m out of here. Enjoy your week, get your preparations going for the coming weeks and remember to relax. But more importantly to smile and laugh because bu golly your here and your loved!



Almost Dec.

More pictures

A bear can do a lot

A mouse in the house maybe even two

This Santa came from Maria in California.

something ales on the shelf

Juicy is dressed now

I made this



and these

As I put these out many memories come floating back.  When did I make these.   (years ago)

he is sitting on the Bose

out on the microwave

Tomorrow I will join my grand daughter Jasmine and walk in the Lake Orion Lighted Parade.  She asked me to join her and her friends because it was like the old days when I walked in it.  (family tradition yep)

I’m out for now.





The Latest!

Good Afternoon.  Just a few things  to show you that have been put up.

On the side of the glass case in the back of the living room.

Also on the side.

Thanks to Jimmy Murphy I can again but this on the book shelf,

Thank goodness he is looking out when it is shower time.

A few pictures of my village

another view

Lily and Onyx looking things over

A bit of Christmas on my vanity

In the inside kitchen window

The tree on the kitchen counter

The tree on my desk that lights up when a button is pressed

That is about it for now but never fear I will be back just like ‘Arnold’