No pictures this time the camera is being mean.  I would buy a new one but I just spent a lot of money to replace the battery in the one.

Well yesterday was blood draw day.  Always fun when the veins are small and they roll.  But I had a great tech and she did a good job.  She said I was a real trouper.  Results this morning are blood is excellent.

Right now i’m reading Stephen King’s The Outsider.  The person you thought was the hero was killed on page 185.  I’m now on 204 and trying  to  figure out what is going on.  With about 380 pages to go this promises to be a real thriller.

It is 64 degrees, sunny but the wind is 8 mph.  Brandy and I have done our 2 block walk.  She is in on the bed resting as I visit with you.

I had a Michigan Salad from Leo’s yesterday with oranges, cherries, apples, nuts, and a  raspberry/vinaigrette dressing.  Delicious but I chewed the inside of my mouth on the greens.  (Why I do that I don’t know).

I still have some doctor appointments come up in the next month but I’m feeling very good.

I got a call from my grandson Dakota day before yesterday from California.  It  was great to talk with him and I really enjoyed the update.

Well I guess  that is it for now.  Enjoy yourself and do something like but don’t get to do very often.



What I Did

Good evening .  I just spent quite a while outside on the swing. I had my chores done so  I took the time to catch up on some reading that wasn’t a novel.  I have a tendicity  to tuck magazines into the rack that holds my TV  in the bedroom.  Sometimes I may have started reading them but I didn’t finish so they sit with those card board ads marking my place.  Eventually I have more paper sticking out of the shelves than I have room for.  So today I pulled the material off the shelves and hauled it all outside.

I have finished the AARP magazine  for April/May and the Reader’s Digest (large print) for June 2008.  I also  managed the 1st puzzle in my Fill-in book.  Now it is almost time for Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy two programs I normally watch.  Depending how tired I am I’ll lay down  or switch to Ion.   Exciting isn’t it!

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Correction  I forgot it was Saturday!

Where Have I Been

The 30th of May was my hubby’s birthday so
Cindy and I went over to take fresh flowers to him.

This is t6he first time since the snow fell because  it is  difficult walking in bad weather.

While there we put flowers here also.

Marguerite was Cindy’s second mother.

She took care of her while I worked.  She was there for us when my first hubby died.   Cindy was 4 months old at the time.  This is why she was her second mother.

I just finished Joe Hill’s Strange Weather.  It is a four story novel and a page turner.  Mr. Hill demonstrates the same ability as his father (Stephen King) has for grabbing you up and letting you dangle throughout the stories.

Great read


This morning I pick up King’s Outsider but have just started it.

Today is a beautiful day and I’m trying to be outside as much as possible.  But I have Libby to look after beside Brandy so It have been an Inside/outside day.  Brandy and I got our two block walk in while Cindy was home,  It is Brandy’s nap time now.

Chris is here mowing  down the yard which it needs.

Cindy has gone to get David so I wanted to visit for a bit.

This has been a bedding laundry day for Cindy, today,  The last load went into the dryer.

I’m going to take my cup of coffee, The Outsider, and make my way to the swing as soon as Chris has finished the lawn.  (Gonna have a little down time.)






Been Away Awhile,

I must apologize for the absence.  I ran into some difficulties with the blog and wasn’t able to post until after I worked with Les on it.  But things are fixed now and I have some news.

Yesterday Cindy spent her day off searching for the next door neighbors two dogs.  She said if it were Libby she would want others to help look for her.  She was out in the car most of the day looking.  It turned out they were inside a fence down Meadowlawn.  It is on the route Brandy and I travel everyday.  But I chose to walk East across Columbia and didn’t see anything so I missed them and returned home.  The search went on until dusk.  Cindy had finally given up and came in to lay down.  The neighbors walk  Meadowlawn and found them.  All is well that ends well.

I have just finished book 3 of the  Anlon Cully Chronicle series by K. Patrick Donoghue.  A note at the end said to look for new book soon

I did start Joe Hill’s Strange Weather.  This novel has four short stories in it.

Across the street is a tree that reminds ne if a ferris wheel.

I sit in the swing and think back on the many rides I have taken on one in my 83 years.  I still want to ride  one again everytime  I see one in a parking lot.  I still remember the thrill when it stops to let someone on or off and I’m at the very top rocking gently in the breeze.

Well it looks like Brandy is still having problem with her eyes.  I will get her  back to the Vets next week.

I will be in the 70s today and partly cloudy.  Good sitting outside weather.  It will be off to the swing with book in hand shortly.

David is resting CIndy is working, and all the animals are sleeping .

Have a great weekend.

Animals And Apperal

Sometimes you can’t resist looking ahead.  Be it activities or clothes.  Today I went out with Cindy as she looked at clothes.  I learned two things .  I’m a size 14 and Lane Bryant’s was having a sale.  Knowing I was going to settle my money problem in a few days I did a couple of purchases.  (Bless the credit card).

Denim shorts and a matching top

Now I know with my wrinkled old legs I won’t be out in public but I can wear them when in the back yard on the swing.  The other pair.

The same goes for theses.

I like both sets and will be using all summer.

I’m on page 71 of The Curse Of The Painted Lady.  I pick it up in my spare minutes and it is moving right along

I take Brandy back to the Vet’s tomorrow to check on how her eye is doing.  I have tried to treat it every 8 hours but sometimes at night I sleep through.  Hopefully I will have done enough to clear it up.

Well Brandy and I went for our 2 block walk yesterday and today.  Sometimes it is easy other times not but it is something we both need to do.

I have been trying to follow my doctor’s instructions on my problem and all is going ok so far.

Cali, Cindy’s cat seems to be doing better now.

I guess it doesn’t matter if your animal or human age can kind of screw you up,.

Looking outside it is overcast and windy.  Hopefully tomorrow Chris will be here to mow again.  Brandy kinda steps high to get around.

I hope your week is going well and you have many interesting thing to accomplish.

Loving today!

Hey good morning to you!  Today promises to be a great day with between 53 & 78 degrees.  There is no wind and it is partly sunny.  It is a great day to take Brandy for our walk and to read in the swing.  My social calendar, as I laughingly call it, shows no appointments until next week.

Outside yesterday I Took some shoots of the flowers again.

A better shot of the Bleeding Heats but not really good yet but I’ll get it. 

In the garden under the front window.

These were all planted last year as were the lilacs and the forsythia.  I have added nothing new so far this year.

Across the street is this   I love the color.

Under the living room window another planting from last year.

A cardinal stopped by for lunch.

The violets are keeping the dandelions company in the yard.

Well still a little sore from my fall two days ago but doing much better.  Lets face it I’m not as graceful as I used to be.  It is the difference between a rock and a feather!

Well I have fed the cats but I still have the inside birds to do then the zoo will be fed except for the dogs.

Then I have to get dressed with out falling on my butt, grab some oatmeal and then it is  outside for  me.

Have a great day!






Changes Made Or To Be Made

Well I have survived my meeting with the cement floor yesterday  with some very sore spots but I broke nothing so I’m very lucky.  Brandy and I just got back from our 2 block walk and now she is resting.

Cindy and I took her in to the vet’s today for a heart worm test and to check one of her eyes.  The vet went through all her medications then wrote down instructions on what was kept, disposed of the rest, and added one new one.  She has another appointment in a week.

The Doctor says she is in pretty good shape and that Is all I care about

But after my fall yesterday she gets up and makes sure I’m walking alright before shes goes back to what she was doing.

After we went to Krogers where i picked up a package of MetaMucil for this stupid stomach that keep acting up.  I’m going to go to bed with a dose every night so I can get to sleep and stay that way all night.  ( It is a bi#### getting old.)

I dresses in my bright colors today to cheer me up.

After all you can’t slump around when you are dressed like this.  The capris also have this

These colors with socks to match.

Yes I know 80 year olds aren’t  supposed to dress like this but I have been fat all my life and that meant dark colors and  no prints. Nothing to draw attention to my size.  Well I ain’t fat now and   I don’t have a whole lot of time left so I’m going to take advantage of it. ..

I have come to the conclusion   That my handwriting stinks so I’m going to print every thing I can from this day forward.  I have lost too many messages that I have sent through the mail not to mentions checks that were never received.  This is another pain to do a stop check at $ 25.00.

Well the weather is great, a little breezy but comfortable.  So I think I’ll go out and read in the swing for a while.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Don’t Call Me Grace!

Yesterday was a busy day for me.  Chris and his better half Pam came over and help me clear the back fence.

All cleared except halfway behind the side of the garage.

This was moved out.

Chris hauled all this away.

The garbage cart was full because Cindy and David cleaned out the Buick before they sold it.  So Chris took 3 bags from the cart with him.  He also took  old wood night stands that had been out in the weather too. Now the front of the garage is neat.

Brandy and I walked our 2 blocks yesterday but not today.. I woke up this morning after Cindy and David left for an appointment.  Libby was in her cage barking.  I got up put on the coffee and started getting ready to take a shower.  I stripped in the bedroom doorway, got my plug for my ear, turned and tripped on the pile of clothes I had left in the doorway. I went down hard and my legs decided not to work.  The light was on in the bath room but I couldn’t get up.  I scooted out to the living room but couldn’t any thing to pull  me up.  The phone rang a couple of times but I couldn’t reach it.   I pulled clean bedding off a pile and a pillow to rest on back in the bedroom.  If I sat up I wanted to vomit.  I laid there quite a while but  I finally managed to get my nightgown back on.

Finally I scooted to the front room,

I pulled myself up to lean on the foot stool

From there I rolled into the chair..  I finally managed to get my feet under me and push my self to a standing position.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and proceeded to fed the zoo.  About then Cindy came home.

Now I have an abrasion in my right elbow, both legs are sore on the shins, but by god I got up, let Libby out of her cage to go outside, let Brandy out., and started the kitchen chores.  I sit here now and think all I wanted to do was take a shower.




Sunday And It Is Dry

Up a little later this morning but with Cindy’s help we got the zoo fed.  I went outside to work on this

Redid the hummingbird feeder and refilled the seeds,.

The Red Wing Blackbird was by to check out breakfast.  I hope to get a picture one of these days but my camera is in the house when I need it.

While out there I found this

Sadly this one didn’t make it. Another fact of life.

It looks like Brandy and I will be able to take our walk today.because it is dry outside,  That also means I can get back to clearing my back yard fence,

Well Brandy just went outside so I have to keep checking to see if she wants to come in.

Brandy is back in and I emptied the  Hoover while I was out there.  You know you look at something several  times a  day but if you don’t fix it then it don’t get done.  I’m criticized for this habit but this is how I manage to  accomplice my goal.

Cindy had help this morning also.

Lily checked the washing machine over to make sure it was ready to do her laundry.  Our animals are always checking things out.

Another check at my Mother’s day flowers and they are still lovely.

Well I’m sure if they looked out the neighbors would be tired of seeing my blue robe so I had better get dressed and get cracking .  See you later!


My Wish

Happy Mothers day to all. Even if you have no children you do have people you care about.  People you take care of.  People you share your time and love with.  That qualifies for the wish I send.

A card in the mailbox today.

This was for a bag of canned goods I donated to the food drive.

What does it take to help others?  A little time and caring.

Also in the mail was this.

A card from my youngest son reminding me we have a date next weekend.

We are going to Frankenmuth to drool over everything.  I believe that Anne’s mother is going with us.  It will be a fun day!

I’m in the process of getting birthday cards ready for the next few weeks,   If I don’t do that ahead of time then I forget to send them until it is too late.

It is still raining today so Brandy and I will have to forego our walk.  Also the clearing of the back fence is on hold.

I guess I’ll read my novel and look through the Collection Etc book before I  pitch it.  .

The roses Cindy and David sent me yesterday are still beautiful ( thank you  again).

The Lilacs at the gate are getting closer to smelling every day.

The left side is a little fuller than the right but both have buds to open soon.

Well my zoo is fed, also Brandy.  Speaking of Brandy I noticed one of her eyes is very bloodshot so she goes in Monday to see the Vet.  She is due for a Heartworm test anyway.

So life goes on sometimes busy sometimes not.  Have a great week next week.  This well thought of mother will visit again.