The Transition Has Stared

Back after spending Thanksgiving with son Les and wife Anne and their family.  It was a delightful meal I had a part in putting it together with Ann and Ann’s mother Kathy.   My oldest son Wesley, granddaughter Jasmine, and several of Ann’s family celebrated together.

Received first Christmas card  from Sue and Dennis Cox. It will go up on the wall.

The table is already piled up with more boxes in the back room.

We will start the decorations for Christmas now for two reasons.  One there are so many and two we love seeing them in place.

My goose dressed and in the front window for now,

She is ready to go.

I have to check for Juicy’s outfit and order a new one if I can’t find it.

The flag is already up,

Cindy picked out a couple more to go up also as the day arrived.

40 degrees and cloudy. Wind is 8 mph . It will be 41-42 with rain all afternoon. 

Cindy and David went to IHop for green pancakes for breakfast. I being a little under the weather opted to have them bring me some back.  (But I said they had to be green),

For now i’ll go to my room and rest feeling a little dizzy

A Full Half A day

It was a little after 1 pm  as I put the last of the canning equipment away except for having to make labels.  The clean jars are packed away plus the lids and rings.  (I have enough to do another flavor–gonna have to think about that.)

Starting with these the morning.

Yep this Is what is needed for Dutch Apple Pie Jam.  Now I have this.

12 1/2 cups jan sitting on the table waiting to have their labels put on.

I’m proud of me ’cause I got it done and I still have a 1/2 day to do what I want.  Plus the laundry is caught up and the zoo have been fed.

David let me play my music even with his sleeping and that helped my work time.

When he got up I got a comment about it smelled like a holiday and he was pleased with the taste of the jam.

For Cindy

I found this fellow when I was out shopping yesterday.  He gobbles three times.  I love his feet .  He is like me –has big ones.

I don’t know if I’m going to read this afternoon.  I may cochet a little or take a nap!  Whatever I earned it.  Have a great day!




An Antsy Sunday

Where the snow is today!

Yep it is 34 degrees,  wind is at 2 mph, and it is cloudy.  The forecast promises nothing else.  I have a small to buy list and am debating taking care of it because Cindy just left for work and she works a double tomorrow.  If I do go out today I need raisins for Dutch Apple Pie jam, bouillon cubes, potatoes, Downy, and my vitamins.  I need to keep busy or my stomach starts to bother me.

I received Shari  Lapena’s Unwanted Guest  today so it goes on the to read shelf.  I’m only on page 33 of Lisa Jackson’s You will Pay so I’ll finish that first.

Went to Bonco last night and It seems my winning has finally left me but I still had fun.

Before it gets to late I’d better close







The 15th

Good morning with a promise of snow, snow. snow.  It is 28 degrees, wind at 7 mph, and lots of white stuff in the forecast.  I want to get out before it hits and get Biscuit to make a meatloaf for supper.

Yesterday I rode with Cindy as she did her usual stops that she does when she is off.  I I just keep her company on these trips,

This afternoon just before the snow hit David took me to Kroger’s and I pick up a few things for supper.   We will have mashed potatoes with it for supper because I didn’t check for regular potatoes  when I made out the shopping list.  The meatloaf just came out of the oven

lots of cheese

A call came to say they have the part for my dishwasher and it will be fixed tomorrow.  I may still be able to make some Dutch Apple Pie jam because I’ll have sterile jars to work with.

My Spirit ( my African Gray) turned 22 years old today.   I put a seed stick in her cage to celebrate.

she is a pretty thing

I had a go round with the doctor’s office and the pharmacy today  I barely held my temper because when I asked for a refill the druggist said I had no refills.  Cindy called the doctor’s  office for a refill to be called in.   After she went to work the doctor’s office called to say I had two refills left.  I almost went right up.  I told them what the drug store said and then I said I am not speaking in a foreign language  but nobody is listening to me.   So I want you  to call the drug store, tell them what I need, then tell them to call me when it is ready.  That was early this afternoon and I still haven’t heard anything.  It pisses me off   When someone asks me how I fell my stomach is twisting because of things like this.  ( I guess I may really need a shrink.) The drugstore did give me some to take until this is corrected.

Well the forecast said snow.

As you can see it is big flakes.

A while back Les and Anne gave me a plant for my bedroom.  Well it gave it up.

It was lovely but all that is left are a couple of leaves. I think I drowned it.  Sorry guys!

this is Onyx Cindy’s cat.

Now if you can’t find your glasses take a flashlight and check the floor near where you left them.  The water glass on your vanity is dumped over.  Yep it is Onyx.  Papers you left on the table –check the floor they are there.  Things knock over in the front room window–Onyx.  He even hangs on the curtains,  walk on the counters to see what you are trying to dish up,  sneaks into your closet then doesn’t come out when you go to find him.  Yes a real pain in the butt but you got to love him.

Well my friend I best go to my room and read for a bit. I bought You Will Pay by Lisa Jackson so I’ll see how it goes. Have a good evening, stay warm, and smile.






In Parts

Good morning.  Got nowhere with the ornament making yesterday nails are too long.  Got into it over the mess on the table so I folded it up and put it way. I will try to work from my bedroom now on.   I pulled my novel of Poe’s work off the shelf but like Lovecraft  it is difficult to read so back on the shelf it went.

The temperature is 28 with wind at 8 mph.  It will be cloudy all day.

That’s it for this morning but I’ll be back later today.

Well I’m back.  It is 5:19 pm and i have updated in checkbook,  paid off Visa ( that hurt a little but it had to be done) and paid a couple of small bills.    I will now go into the bedroom and do some Fill It  Ins until my programs come on.  I may have shorted myself a little but I won’t know until later in the month.  The important thing is I’m caught up now.

Still waiting on getting the dishwasher running. I have paid this already so I’m not concerned about that.

Well you would be proud of me I picked up my dictionary and have been using it a lot.

Cindy is working, The zoo is resting all over the living room, David is in his room and I will soon be in mine so the only noise is the click of the computer keys.

Do have a good rest of the week.  Stay warm, healthy, and happy!



Well I got up all enthused today.  David took me to the grocery store and I got the shopping out of the way.  While there I saw these.

Just what I needed for Dutch Apple Pie Jam

I knew I would have every thing I needed when I bought the apples

I had the raisins, the spices, the sugar, the lids, the rings, the jars.   Oh oh the jars.  Normally I would run them through the dishwasher to make sure the were sterile.  But my dishwasher still isn’t fixed.  Still waiting for a part.  What now.  David said he would help me eat the apples and we could buy more later.  OK that solves that problem.   What to do instead.

I had finished Stephen King’s Elevation at 2:37 am.  Only 146 pages long but a fascinating story of a man with unusual physical condition.  No monsters, no killing, no dying, just how he lived his life helping others along the way.

I finally decided on this instead

Yep I dumped the ornament making stuff out on the dining room table.

I’ll see what I can come up with.

I’m not going to let something not being fixed derail my creativity.   The jam will come later.

Have a good week.






Did you ever have one of those days when you have hours of time available, many constructive things you could do, and you just don’t want to do anything?  This is me today.  I don’t want to read.  I don’t want to crochet.  I don’t want to make Christmas ornaments.  I don’t want to nap.  I just had lunch so I’m not hungry.  So here I sit staring at a 1/2 empty screen.  I have nothing interesting to say.   I think I’d like to go some where.  Where I don’t know.  Who to visit –beats me.   So here I sit…..  I’m not sad I’m just lost.

This Day In November

Good 16 mins. afternoon.  I woke up at 6 am this morning did my throne duty then decided it was too early so I crawled back into my warm place and dozed until 8 am.  I then got up, visited the throne again and  figured my strategy for tackling the day’s duties.  One room at a time with no side trips that cause me to jump around and take longer to call things done.

First my bedroom with stripping the bedding, putting in the wash, and putting on fresh.  Take my pills and clear my Desk (vanity).

That done

I then moved on to the bathroom.

I checked for anything that needed to be washed.

Emptied the waste basket and made sure needed supplies were available.

On to the living room.

First it was feed the zoo,

I made sure that the birds had seed and fresh water and the cats had water and food.  I checked the dog’s bowls also but usually Cindy or David takes care of that.  Then I checked the chairs to make sure the covers were straight. I checked for anything that should go the kitchen.

Now the kitchen.

I started the coffee maker first.

The dishwasher is still OD.  Waiting on a part that had to be ordered but some time next week it will be in.  Right now it is the  old hands in soapy water which  I don’t mind but I sure will be glad when I can load up the dishes, put in the soap and rinse agent, and walk away.

Then comes the laundry room,

I do like that little roll out shelf for supplies

Here I check the dryer for any clothes that were washed at bedtime last night.  I have already washed my bedding this morning so I transferred  that to the dryer.

With everything caught up I plopped my butt down to visit with you.  I’ll also play some card games, review the news, and of course worked on my  blog,.

I did find instructions on a scarf to crochet and a shawl I’d like to make.  I have yarn so I just need to convince myself it needs to be done.  I also want to read some more in Dean Koontz’s The Forbidden Door.  I have almost finished Stephen King’s Elevation which is a short but most interesting  story.

The sun just shone through for a bit so I checked the weather.   It is 34 degrees with a wind at 15 mph.  The snow is slowly melting with the roads and sidewalks clear. ( Don’t have to worry about busting your butt on the ice.)

Oh no it is melting!

Well I hope I haven’t bored you to tears but sometimes you don’t know what to write about.  Have a warm and safe weekend I know I’m going to.


OH NO Snow!

6:30 this morning

Oh shit where are my boots? I know where I left them last Spring

I have to admit I don’t like the cold but the sun on the snow is like a lot of diamonds and I have to smile as I see them.  So  it is Winter.  I don’t care what the calendar says.  You know this is my 83rd  Winter and this is more than a lot of people get to see.  This means I am healthy enough, lucky enough, and fortunate enough to live through another era of my life.

Not doing well with getting things fixed around here. Had the dishwasher looked at the other day and paid around $260. to have it fixed.  This morning it wouldn’t drain out so Cindy called them back and set up another appointment today to look at it again.  I don’t mind paying for something but I do expect to work correctly when it is declared fixed.

Cindy is on the phone setting up appointments for me with doctors that my personal physician has requested I see.  She is back to work so in order to attend with me she needs to control the time.  (She hears more details than me so it important that she be there).

Some how this display seems out of place when you see the snow outside

Had to plug the camera battery in just now.  I have another one but I don’t know if it will hold a charge so I’m going to have to check that out.

I’m going to rip out a knit project I started and find a crochet project to do instead.  I have a list of 18 one ball items that Pam sent me so I should be able to find something.

Well I think i’ll close for now–Have a great day!